The most beautiful and customizable JSON/JSONP highlighter that your eyes have ever seen. Open source at https://goo.gl/fmphc7
Annotate the Web with highlight tool
Student Extension for Hapara Highlights.
Highlight, copy, edit, and translate text from any image on the web.
Adds highlights to text on web pages, and tries to restore them on subsequent visits.
Search and highlight multiple words on web pages.
Collaboratively annotate, highlight, and tag web pages and PDF documents.
Automatically finds and highlights words and phrases on the web page according to your list
Search and highlight multiple words on web pages.
Highlight rel no-follow and sponsored links on web pages. Useful for SEO
Highlight to Search allows you search keywords by highlighting instead of typing them into a search box.
Highlight text on websites with a simple right-click or keyboard shortcut. Saves highlights on your device.
This extension highlights important keywords in web pages.
Annotate the Web with highlight tool
You can point out important information in long webpages by highlighting text with your mouse. And you can share this highlighted…
Unblocks right click menu, highlight and copy for all pages
Save a page to Readwise Reader 将页面保存到 Readwise Reader
Highlights transphobic/anti-LGBT and trans-friendly subreddits/users/facebook pages/groups with different colors.
Summarizes research papers, creates interactive flashcards, highlights key points, links to open-access versions of each citation
Additor helps you to organize bookmarks and highlights from article, blog, PDF, and etc into notes.
This extension helps you to highlight, take notes and annotate on web pages.
Automatically highlight phone numbers
Tự động tìm và highlight từ và cụm từ trên trang web dựa vào list của bạn
Watch football live streaming schedule, live scores, video highlight and leagues table on your browser.
An essential tool to highlight all words you want in webpages.
One platform to organize all your highlights - import Kindle highlights and annotate the web with our built-in highlighter.
Installing this extension enables text-to-speech and word-level highlighting for the Bookshare Web Reader.
Highlight the text you want to translate, and a translation popup will appear automatically.
*Auto Highlight* automatically highlights the important content on article pages.
See how many words and characters are on a page. Simply highlight the text, right click, and click the Word Counter icon!
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