An extension for highlighting phone numbers on web page and initiating a call on Avaya one-X Agent after phone number is clicked.
Simple highlighter - highlight text on websites with a simple right-click or keyboard shortcut.
Add images, bookmarks, notes, quotes or text highlights to your new mind.
highlight multiple text on web pages.
Highlight text on page to copy to Roam
JavaScript and CSS formatter/syntax highlighter
Searching and highlighting multiple words on the web was never this easy. It's the most efficient finder and highlighter out there.
Adds a context menu to allow you to send the highlighted text to the Microsoft Translator API
Highlight the text the mouse is hovering over
MultiHighlighter allows multi-word searching/highlighting on almost any web page. Each term is highlighted with a unique color.
Improves Google's image search results by highlighting the found image in its page.
Provides a more useful Steam Market History, allowing you to search, sort, highlight, track earnings, and customize
Affilitizer highlights advertisers with affiliate programs within Google Search result pages and in the address bar.
Always highlight a set of words stored for chosen webpages.
Highlights Gmail and Inbox rows on mouse over with nice and shiny colors.
Highlight elements on a website and get the JavaScript code for retrieval - shown in Chrome Developer Console.
Get a Google Maps™ box attached to any address on a site or highlight text + use right-click menu to show it on a map immediately!
Highlight React components on the page.
Adds options 'Search with Bing' , 'Yahoo' and `DuckDuckGo` in the context menu, to search for highlighted text
Search results from HashAtIt, ImgInn and TikTok for highlighted text on any website via the context menu.
Web highlighter for Roam Research
A wrapper for Google Cloud Text-to-Speech that transform highlighted text into high-quality natural sounding audio.
Highlight to share.
Identify Advertisements Using Perceptual Techniques
The Syntax Highlighter for Chrome
Hover over highlighted sentences and words to translate them with DeepL.
Highlight multiple keywords. Highlight synonyms of your keywords. Highlight paragraphs related to your keywords.
Fast JSON viewer - highlights, shows items count/size, handles large files
Performs syntax highlighting on files visited in the browser based on their extension
Change list background colours, count cards, break up long lists
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