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博客插件大小: 2.75MiB版本: 0.15.20更新时间: 2023-04-13

Save a page to Readwise Reader 将页面保存到 Readwise Reader

This is the official Reader browser extension made by and maintained by the Readwise team.

You use the Reader Highlighter extension to:

• Save articles to Reader – the first ever read-it-later app built for power readers. If you’ve ever used Instapaper or Pocket, Reader is like those, except it’s built for 2023 and brings all your reading into one place including: web articles, email newsletters, RSS feeds, Twitter threads, PDFs, EPUBs and more. You can get started with Reader here.
• Highlight and annotate the open web.

All highlights that you make using this extension will be synced with the Readwise ecosystem and, optionally, to your note-taking app of choice such as Obsidian, Notion, Roam Research, Evernote, Logseq, and more.


Note: You must have an existing Readwise account to use this extension.

If you are not already a subscriber, you can get a free 30-day trial with no credit card upfront. At the end of the trial, you will not be charged unless you choose to subscribe.


这是由 Readwise 团队制作和维护的官方 Reader 浏览器扩展。

您使用 Reader 荧光笔扩展来:

• 将文章保存到 Reader – 首款专为高级阅读器打造的稍后阅读应用程序。如果您曾经使用过 Instapaper 或 Pocket,那么 Reader 就像那些,除了它是为 2023 年打造的并将您的所有阅读内容集中在一个地方,包括:网络文章、电子邮件通讯、 RSS 提要、 Twitter 线程、 PDF 、 EPUB 等等。您可以在此处开始使用 Reader。
• 突出显示并注释开放的网络。

您使用此扩展所做的所有亮点都将与 Readwise 生态系统同步,并且可以选择与您选择的笔记应用程序同步,例如 Obsidian 、 Notion 、 Roam Research 、 Evernote 、 Logseq 等。


注意:您必须拥有现有的 Readwise 帐户才能使用此扩展程序

如果您还不是订阅者,您可以获得 30 天的免费试用,无需预先使用信用卡。试用结束时,除非您选择订阅,否则不会向您收费。


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