Help to track & upload work done on a Jira Ticket on timely basis and generate Worklog, Sprint and other custom reports.
Rapid agile testing.
Track your time spent on tasks from Jira, Asana, Trello, and others apps
Quickly opens the JIRA with the corresponding ticket
Track and visualize your progress on JIRA issues
This plugin enhances the defect submission process to JIRA, Rally, VersionOne and Bugzilla.
Take care of your eyes day and night using dark theme for Jira tools and services.
Companion extension for Canned Responses for Jira Cloud add-on. Integrates with original comment field.
Easy access to any JIRA issues, bugs or tasks just in one click
Rapid agile testing.
The description field of new JIRA issues will automatically be populated with a template relevant to the issue type
Jira flow companion is a tool made to make powerful analyses on Jira Data. The tool is triggered from the Jira Kanban board and…
Copy to clip board jira issue as 'CMD-999: Description'
Tijdregistratie met start-stop-functionaliteit, JIRA-integratie en meer!
Useful extension to let you sort, filter, hover for info when using JIRA Agile Board. Getting the info you need at your fingertips…
This Chrome Extension allows the Elements documentation and analytics to be displayed inside Salesforce and Jira.
Turn your Jira Cloud to Black, a nice looking Dark Theme.
Quick & automatic White Pages search in Email, Calendar, Jira & more. See the Org Chart. Customize.
Much needed interface improvements for Jira
The ultimate extension to connect your Google Apps to Jira to manage Jira issues, log work, and even turn meetings into Jira tickets
An extension that shows work log report. It fetches data from JIRA REST API.
Log time in JIRA based on your Google calendar.
Jira HotLinker, quick access to Jira metadata when hovering over ticket numbers!
Drag and drop to reorder subtasks.
QMetry Test Management for Jira - Exploratory Testing add-on is designed to empower users to carry out Exploratory Testing.
Enables well aligned and properly established direction of Hebrew and Arabic RTL text in Jira.
Create Trello cards from other webpages (especially for: Gmail, FogBugz, JIRA, Redmine, Assembla, Salesforce, RequestTracker)
Spreadsheet to JIRA Table Converter for Chrome
Soyez au courant quand votre streameur préféré commence à streamer!
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