Add a button to navigate from Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket and Jira to VS Code in a single click
This extension allows the user to log the work in Jira easily.
This plugin enhances the defect submission process to JIRA.
Pre populate Jira task description field with a template of your own.
Converts dates from relative format to absolute (format presets) for Bitbucket.org, may for *.atlassian.com(jira) ...
Converts Markdown to JIRA wiki syntax
Capture current page, annotate it and send it to 20+ integrations such as GitHub, Trello, Asana, Jira and more...
Kanban Combined WIP for Jira Cloud
Logs Toggl.com time entries via *log work* to corresponding Jira tasks
Capture and organize content from websites, issue trackers, Gmail, YouTube, ZenDesk, Jira into sharable lists.
Allows you to receive notifications from your JIRA® activity stream and follow issues from projects.
This addon inserts templates easily into textfields. It supports autofill, quickfill, sharing and many more.
Turns JIRA key names (such as 'SUPPORT-123') to links in webpages for easy navigation.
An extension to make quick Jira jumps via the omnibox
This extension sums up the remaining time estimates shown in a scrum board of Jira
Copy a Jira issue (URL + name) to clipboard for easy pasting
Allows communication with jira and idle time tracking for super productivity inside the browser.
disable event propagation for jira subtasks tags
Quickly store and access recent JIRA® tickets
Atlassian JIRA Agile in your browser. Adorable open-source extension for passionate techies and product owners.
Log your daily time in seconds!
Extension opens JIRA issue in new tab
Description Templates for JIRA Cloud
Open JIRA tickets using the address bar or via the toolbar.
JIRA Time Tracker!
Notifications for JIRA®
Gets the worklogs from the project, filter and group them by user and generate a few days report.
Improved Jira Agile boards!
This extension shows contents of linked tasks from Jira in Github
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