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Auto Tab Switch is the best extension to switch tab refresh tab and scroll tab on a timer
Makes switching between tabs more convenient.
Add keyboard shortcuts to switch tabs with a Quicksilver-style search or a most recently used menu
Rapidly filter and switch between windows & tabs
Quickly switch to other open tabs with just your keyboard
DM - Tab Revolver is a state-of-the-art tab switcher which allows you to setup a slideshow of the tabs of your choice
Random Tab Switch
Switch tabs with mouse wheel.
Switch tabs by selecting the screenshot of a tab.
Switch between tabs by flip through the thumbnail or title of tabs in 3D view
Will Block Canvas from sending requests regarding tab switching
'In window', keyboard driven, tab switcher for simple, OS like, navigation! * PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS ON THE OPTIONS PAGE *
Tab switcher for Google Chrome
Use shortcuts to quickly switch your current tab.


hit a hint and tab switcher
Quick Tab Switcher
Easily switch between tabs by searching
Gives the freedom to play with tabs
A chrome tab switcher which enables a shortcut to switch the current tab to latest one.
Switch to Specified tabpage by window postmessage.
Press Ctr+I or Command+I (OS X) to open window. Quick Tab Switcher is a tab management browser extension for the Google Chrome…
Extension to search for and switch between tabs in seconds with a simple shortcut
Switch tabs using ctrl+shift+z and ctrl+shift+x.
No matter how many YouTube video tabs are open, YouTube Tab Switch ensures that only one video is always playing
Mouse and rocker gestures for tab switching, closing, and reloading
Tab switcher/swapper/toggler - switching to previous active tab
Groups tabs together by domain ala the Windows 7 taskbar.
Switch tabs faster using ctrl+period to go left and ctrl+comma to go right.
Switches between the last 2 active tabs
Switch tabs easily with keyboard shortcuts.
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