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发现、分享、导入和使用 ChatGPT 的最佳提示并在本地保存您的聊天记录(以前称为 ChatGPT 历史记录)。Discover, share, import, and use the best prompts for ChatGPT & save your chat history locally (formerly ChatGPT History)

🎉 欢迎使用 ChatGPT Prompt Genius,这是一款免费的开源浏览器扩展程序,可帮助您🔍 发现、共享、导入和使用 ChatGPT 的最佳提示。您还可以 💾 将您的聊天记录保存在本地,以便您可以轻松查看过去的对话并在以后参考。

您可以使用扩展的提示模板功能轻松查找提示并将其添加到您的收藏中。您可以直接在页面上搜索、分类和选择提示,从而轻松找到创造性和高效的方式来使用文本生成 AI。

要使用历史记录保存功能,只需打开 ChatGPT 并像往常一样开始聊天💬。该扩展程序会自动将您的对话历史记录保存在浏览器中。您可以通过单击浏览器右上角的扩展图标🔍来访问您保存的历史记录。该扩展以与 ChatGPT 非常匹配的风格重新呈现您的对话,包括代码呈现和复制。

在探索页面上,您可以 🔖 收藏主题或 🔍 搜索您的主题和提示模板。您还可以在 ChatGPT 上将聊天记录保存为 html/pdf/png 📄。

这个项目是开源的,我们鼓励您阅读我们 GitHub 存储库 上的代码。如果您发现任何需要改进的地方,请随时提出问题或拉取请求。

源代码位于: 💻

🎉 Welcome to ChatGPT Prompt Genius, a free, open-source browser extension that helps you 🔍 discover, share, import, and use the best prompts for ChatGPT. You can also 💾 save your chat history locally so you can easily review past conversations and refer to them at a later time.

You can use the extension's prompt templates feature to easily find and add prompts to your collection. You can search, categorize, and select prompts right on the page, making it easy to find creative and productive ways to use text generative AI.

🎨NEW: Add themes like SMS, cozy fireplace, and hacker on the ChatGPT page.

To use the history saving feature, simply open ChatGPT and start chatting 💬 as you normally would. The extension will automatically save your conversation history in your browser. You can access your saved history by clicking on the extension icon 🔍 in the top right corner of your browser. The extension rerenders your conversation in a style that closely matches ChatGPT, including code rendering & copying.

On the explore page, you can 🔖 bookmark threads or 🔍 search through your threads & prompt templates. You can also save the your chats as html/pdf/png 📄 right on ChatGPT.

We hope you find ChatGPT Prompt Genius useful and enjoy using it to find and save your AI prompts. If you have any feedback or suggestions for improvement, please don't hesitate to fill out the feedback form. Thank you for using ChatGPT Prompt Genius!

Why does this extension require reddit permissions?
The only permission we require is for our own subreddit, r/ChatGPTPromptGenius, and this is only to help format when you submit prompts to our subreddit. We also insert a button to allow you to quickly import other people’s prompts. We do not run any scripts on any other subreddit, and we do not collect any data from reddit. If you are still wary about this permission, you can disable the access at chrome://extensions/?id=jjdnakkfjnnbbckhifcfchagnpofjffo > Site access >

What do you do with my data?
We understand that your data is important to you, and we want to assure you that it is completely under your control. All of your data is stored locally on your device, and we do not claim any ownership over it. Additionally, we do not have access to your data (we do not have servers), as it is stored solely on your device's local storage. If you choose to share a chat, it will be uploaded to a ShareGPT server, but you will still retain the rights to your data. You can export your data at any time in its raw JSON format, and we are also working on adding more export formats for your convenience.

I found a bug!
We're sorry to hear that you've encountered a bug. If you could please raise an issue on our GitHub repository (, we'll work on resolving the problem as soon as possible. If you're feeling adventurous, you can also open a pull request to fix the bug yourself and be the change you want to see in the world!

I have a feature idea!

We're always looking for ways to improve our extension, and we would love to hear your ideas. Please use the discussions on our GitHub repository to share your thoughts.

Who is "we"?

This project is open-source and we encourage you to read the code on our GitHub repository If you see anything that needs improvement, feel free to open an issue or pull request.

Source code available at: 💻
Please contribute or leave a review! 🙏

Changelog available at:


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