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将 ChatGPT 深度集成到浏览器中,您需要的都在这里,除了对主流网站进行适配,还内置了诸如翻译、总结、润色、情感分析、段落划分、代码解释、问询等功能。




🌈 随时调出任意页面的聊天对话框。

🔗 多种 API 支持(免费和 Plus 用户的 Web API 、 GPT-3 、 GPT-3.5...)。

📦 各种常用网站的集成适配。


🧰 选择工具和右键菜单执行各种任务,如翻译、总结、润色、情感分析、段落划分、代码解释和查询。

🗂️ 静态卡片支持多分支对话的浮动聊天框。

🖨️ 轻松保存完整的聊天记录或部分复制。

🎨 强大的渲染支持,无论是代码高亮还是复杂的数学公式。

🌍 语言偏好支持。

📝 自定义 API 地址支持。


💡 选择工具和站点适配易于开发和扩展,请参阅 Development&Contributing 部分。

😉 另外,如果回答有不足之处,欢迎私聊指正。

Integrating ChatGPT into your browser deeply, everything you need is here
Source Code:
Video demonstration:

🌈 Call up the chat dialog box on any page at any time.
🔗 Multiple API support (Web API for Free and Plus users, GPT-3, GPT-3.5...).
📦 Integration adaptation for various commonly used websites.
🔍 Adaptation to all mainstream search engines, and custom queries to support additional sites.
🧰 Selection tool and right-click menu to perform various tasks, such as translation, summarization, polishing, sentiment analysis, paragraph division, code explain and queries.
🗂️ Static cards support floating chat boxes for multi-branch conversations.
🖨️ Easily save your complete chat records or copy them partially.
🎨 Powerful rendering support, whether for code highlighting or complex mathematical formulas.
🌍 Language preference support.
📝 Custom API address support.
⚙️ All site adaptations and selection tools(bubble) can be freely switched on or off, disable modules you don't need.
💡 Selection tools and site adaptation are easy to develop and extend, see the Development&Contributing section.
😉 In addition, if there are any deficiencies in answers, just chat to correct.



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