Just check if it's your move on ChessAtWork & Co (RedHotPawn, RedHotChess, TimeForChess, TheImmortalGame)
Anonymize your Digital Footprint
The internal Yotpo support tool. Extracts appkey, product ID, and Star Ratings. Also for testing Rich Snippets
Komponenta za digitalno potpisivanje elektronskih prijava - Uprava prihoda i carina Crne Gore
Open source two-factor authentication for Android
A Browser Extension For Tracking 📈 Your Online Carbon Footprint 💨🌿️
An extension to make life a little easier logging into Salesforce Account Manager using 2FA (TOTP only - Generator APP).
CVSpotPlugin shows contacts of candidates on their LinkedIn pages.
Reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint of your internet browsing.
This is a hotp generator for HUJI cs students, developed by Jamal Mashal
Load less data as you surf, reducing your digital carbon footprint with EQ Mode.
Zero Footprint : Selective History Deleter
Guarenteed to make your life better!
Automatically discards all tabs at startup, before they load, reducing memory footprint and unnecessary bandwidth usage.
This extension allows the user to know his Carbon footprint.
World of Tanks MMO game Player Statistic for Tournaments / WG + Esl + WotProLeague/
Automatyczne wypełnianie danych przelewów bankowych przy płatnościach dotpay.pl
Test OTP Verification
TOTP autenticator in your browser
Receive and accept a call over the OTP web app while logged out. Bypass organization login by selecting a default.
Offset the carbon footprint of your online purchases free of charge.
Analyse Internet Usage Carbon Footprint
Automatically reads OTP
Your best and fastest OTP/2FA authenticator
Calculate the footprint of CO2e for various travel mediums
Generates HOTP Passcodes for Duo Security Multi-Factor Authentication
A fully functional, small footprint, Twitter client.
Get access to complete domain name footprints, age, appraisal, keywords, aftermarket, and other important domain name data.
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