This application generates TOTP tokens for multi-factor authentication used by Google, Dropbox, Amazon and many others.
Turns your browser into a slideshow of URLs. - Using just one tab for all URLs for minimal memory/resource footprint - You can…
Quickly play or add a YouTube video (playlist), Twitch to PotPlayer using buttons on a page, also via context menu and middle-click
Dodatak za komunikaciju s aplikacijom za elektronički potpis
Analyze Any Amazon FBA Online Arbitrage Deal In a Few Seconds With Just 1 Click! – BuyBotPro can even read Keepa just like you!
Check your Facebook digital footprint
Effective real-time ad blocking with an efficient CPU and light memory footprint. It's super fast!
Get 2FA OTP instantly from your mobile. Works with TOTP Authenticator mobile app.
Automatically estimates CO2 emissions on Google Maps™, other maps services and train and flight search engines.
Analyse Internet usage carbon footprint
Check your Facebook digital footprint
A new experience to help make your design a snap. Focus on design with ready-to-use PCB footprints and schematic symbols
Detect streamable video and audio sources and offer to play them in PotPlayer multimedia player
Automatically discards all tabs at startup, before they load, reducing memory footprint and unnecessary bandwidth usage.
A notepad whenever you need it.
ShotPin is an extension making it easy to share any portion of a web page to Pinterest with a link to it.
Proširenje za komunikaciju s HZZO aplikacijom za digitalno potpisivanje kako bi ono bilo moguće iz Internetskog preglednika.
KAIST AutoOTP generates OTP passwords in your browser.
The extension provides a carbon score for the visited websites.
Zero Footprint : Selective History Deleter
Demystify Ad Tech and Optimize Page Performance
Helps ASP.NET developers improve performance via increased awareness of View State footprint.
Generate OTP for a secured access
An extension to converter symbol/footprint/3D Model on lceda.cn (aka easyeda.com) to KiCad format.
To Automate your Business Processes Like The Fortune 500
A simple extension for generating HOTP tokens for a single secret. Supports pasting a new token from right-click context menu.
OTP extension for browserpass
This extension allow you to connect to a website with totp thanks to a Plug-up
Erase your digital footprints with Network Privacy Shield
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