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Replace new tab page with a personal dashboard featuring to-do, weather, and inspiration.
This extension sets your search engine to Ecosia and customizes your new tab page so you can plant trees with every search.
Allows a user to provide the URL of the page that loads in a new tab.
New Tab Page Replacement with 3D Speed Dial and predefined images, sync and organize your bookmarks, groups, and most visited
New tab page extension for your browser with bunch of beautiful backgrounds and useful widgets.
With this extension, new tabs display a blank page instead of the usual new tab page with thumbnails.
Enjoy Boku no Hero Academia wallpapers in custom new tab themes. Cool features, hd My Hero Academia anime wallpaper backgrounds.
Speed Dial changes standard page to the new tab page with your saved bookmarks.
Reinvent Chrome Startpage with Infinite. Power up the new tab with Apps, Messengers, Games, Google & Apple Services
This extension automatically detects and blocks pop advertisements opened in New Tab
Gacha Life extension provide you with Gacha Life on PC new tab page. Created for Gacha Life fans.
Use Google Tasks alone in a new tab or independent window like a desktop app.
Automatically gets the answers for Quizizz games and opens them in a new tab
Check weather report and forecast in your browser new tab. Play around with weather specific custom background in your new tab.
Beautiful random nature themed new tab backgrounds!
Students Learn Together New Tab
Multi Tab New Tab
Apex Legends Legacy theme in new tab
Jean Genshin Impact theme in new tab
Senku Ishigami Dr. Stone theme in new tab
Star Wars: The Bad Batch theme in new tab
Minecraft wallpapers bring your chrome a new look and useful tools
Neon Superheroes theme in new tab
Convinent tool to convert DOCX to PDF right from new tab
A Beautiful Color Palette With Every New Tab!
Multiplayer Battles in your New Tab
欢迎使用 Minecraft 新标签扩展!
Smart Searching replaces your new tab page and provides you with popular trending searches!
New tab - new life
A neutral new tab page accented with a chosen colour. Customise the layout, style, background and bookmarks in nightTab.
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