LastPass, an award-winning password manager, saves your passwords and gives you secure access from every computer and mobile device.
A cloud-based password manager that makes it easy to log in to your favorite sites.
Avira 密码管家可在您的所有设备之间保存、管理并同步您的所有密码。
在浏览器中体验 1Password 的最佳方式。轻松登录网站、生成密码和保存安全信息。
Extends the 1Password app on your Mac or Windows PC, so you can fill and save passwords in your browser.
Suosittu ja yksi parhaista Video Downloaderista verkkokaupassa. Tallentaa suosittuja mediamuotoja.
Client support for Privacy Pass anonymous authorization protocol.
Protect and autofill passwords with the world's most trusted and #1 downloaded secure password manager and digital vault.
Go ahead - forget your passwords. With the True Key app, you are the password.
5 分钟 3 万字,附带 ppt,开题报告,40 篇真实中英文知网参考文献,查重超过 10%退费!
Don't waste your time with compliance. Universal Bypass automatically skips annoying link shorteners.
Password Checkup helps you resecure accounts that were affected by data breaches.
Secure password storage with the MultiPassword.com password manager featuring syncing across devices and web browsers.
Dropbox Passwords 可以在所有设备上存储和同步密码。
NordPass is your freedom from password stress. Generate and securely store strong passwords and autofill them with a single click.
Shares reading passages using the Fluency Tutor for Google app.
Enpass extension autofills logins, passwords, credit cards and identities from the Enpass desktop application.
Simple tool to export/import cookies. Share online accounts without revealing your password.
KeePassXC 与现代 Web 浏览器的集成
Bypass the annoying 'you still there?' popup message and keep YouTube running nonstop!
Passbolt extension for the open source password manager for teams.


LockPW is a password protection for Browser.
Protect your Passwords, Payments, and Privacy.
This extension will allow users to set password for the browser to avoid unauthorized access. Prompts for password on chrome startup
This extension guarantees availability of inWebo One-Time Passwords generators in any circumstances
webPass - Chrome Extension
An extension to support Lenovo's ThinkVantage Password Manager in Google Chrome!
Amazing T-rex dino run game for your browser to play online. T-rex dino run is good game and a great pass time.
"Legends speak of a Colossal Cave that extends deep underground, so twisted by time that its passages shift like the sand under…
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