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Quickly capture what's on your mind and share those thoughts with friends and family.
只需点击一下,就可以将内容保存到 Google Keep!
更好地整理您在Google Keep上的笔记
Load Google Keep™ in a popup from the current tab in Google Chrome™.
This is an extension for Google Keep. You can input tab( ) into memos.
GKeep是一款能帮助谷歌浏览器用户在“标签”或“弹出窗口”中单击即可打开Google Keep的Chrome插件。
Makes note editing take up the full browser window
Google Keep™ PowerUp adds functionalities to your standard experience focusing on productivity at work.
Customize Tabs for Google Keep™
Customize Tabs for Google Keep™
Resize windows in Google Keep
Backup your Google Keep™ notes: export your ideas and store them locally for your peace of mind.
This extension creates a new Google Keep note in one click
Allows you to import emails from Gmail into Google Keep as notes. Just type in the Gmail label you want to fetch.
Google Keep Encryptor
Add markdown support to popular online services, like Google Keep
Provides quick access to Google Keep - right in browser action pop-up
Adds a simple presentation mode to Google Keep
This extension creates a new note in Google Keep™
This plugin will add more features to Google Keep, like hashtag-summaries, extra statuses, javascript-code
Handy tools and keyboard shortcuts for Google Keep
Tabnote is a productivity tool like Evernote or Google Keep,but more instant than others. It starts from a click of the toolbar…
A Google Keep™ quick access search bar
This extension returns gray background to Google Keep
Chrome extension that widens Google Keep's notes and WhatsApp Web's main window.
Popup access to Google Keep!


This extension provides a functionality to export Google Keep itemized notes as a markdown file.
Easily add fancy icons to customize your tabs in Google Keep™
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