Speed up, slow down, advance and rewind HTML5 audio/video with shortcuts
Download videos from video web sites. Download HTML5 videos in WEBM and MP4 formats
Download online video in one click. Supports HTML5 videos and popular video sites.
Uses HTML5 to display PDF files directly in the browser.
HTML5 Video speed controller - Adjust playback rate; Increase and decrease video playback speed.
An experiment to render Free Rider tracks in HTML5.
HTML/CSS/JavaScript editing and JavaScript debugging using JetBrains IDEs.
Allows changing video and audio playback rate giving you full control over speed with which your browser plays HTML5 media.
Copy tabs URL to clipboard (formats : text, HTML, JSON or custom). Paste to open multiple URL at one go.
Disables autoplay of all HTML5 audio and video
Data Scraper extracts data out of HTML web pages and imports it into Microsoft Excel spreadsheets
JSWEET! Om Nom’s shenanigans continue in Cut the Rope 2 HTML5!
Disable Youtube™ HTML5 Player
Wonderful Bubble Shooter game, in a classic design, now in HTML5 to play on any device.
将一个完整的页面保存到单个 HTML 文件中
Speed controller for HTML5 videos. Simply manage speed boost, slow down, advance and rewind using keyboard.
Save a complete web page (as curently displayed) as a single HTML file that can be opened in any browser.
Copies HTML tables to the clipboard or exports them to Microsoft Excel, CSV, Google Sheets, Office 365, etc.
An easy to use extractor or grabber for hyperlinks on an HTML page
Converts and previews markdown files (.md, .markdown) to HTML(include TOC) right inside Chrome and support live reload
Since opening local file links is disabled in Chrome, this extension allows to open them. (in html/svg a tags)
借助此 Chrome 扩展程序,轻松在 VMware Horizon Agent 中启用 HTML5 多媒体重定向。
Repeat & Speed buttons for Vimeo HTML5 video
"Legends speak of a Colossal Cave that extends deep underground, so twisted by time that its passages shift like the sand under…
The best HTML5 app for creating crisp mockups, wireframes & interactive prototypes.
Speed controller for video. Simply speed boost, slow down, advance and rewind any HTML5 video.
A fully fledged HTML5 player for Crunchyroll.
HTML5 Audio Equalizer for Chrome
A very lightweight extension that allows you to watch YouTube™ videos using Flash® Player instead of the default HTML5 player.
Speed controller for HTML5 videos. Simply speed boost, slow down, advance and rewind using keyboard.
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