一站式划词 / 截图 / 网页全文 / 音视频翻译扩展,支持谷歌、DeepL、百度、腾讯等 8 个国内外主流翻译服务,且均可用于网页翻译。能在 PDF 里使用。
沉浸式网页双语翻译扩展,免费使用,支持 Deepl/Google/ 有道 / 腾讯翻译等多个翻译服务,支持 Firefox/Chrome/ 油猴脚本,亦可在 iOS Safari 上使用。
Quickly translate selected or typed text on web pages. Supports Google Translate and DeepL API.
Unofficial DeepL Translator Extension. Try out the world’s best machine translation.
Unofficial DeepL translate extension for chrome.
Enables creating paid links on the fly.
Chrome extension to format and translate selected text directly from PDF files with DeepL.
We've made DeepL translation an extension to make it easier to use!
Use Deepl.com to translate your selection or web page
Hover over highlighted sentences and words to translate them with DeepL.
Page translation, document translation, display the translation results on PDF using DeepL API (Unofficial)
iFrame of deepl.com/translator
Get your deeplink directly from Lazada page
This plugin enables fast translations using deepl.com.
This is a little Chrome extension to translate selected text from any website with DeepL.
An Assistant to Translate Selected Texts with DeepL
Get your deeplink directly from the eBay.in page.
Translate and overlay any public image! Powered by GoogleOCR and Deepl
Ανακαλύψτε νέα προγράμματα και δημιουργήστε affiliate deeplinks γρήγορα και εύκολα!
An extension that allows you to select text and right-click to access DeepL with line breaks removed.
Translate Cloud Translation Environment collections using the DeepL Pro API. Not affiliated with DeepL or Lionbridge Inc.
Create a Deeplink through a single click whilst browsing
Search the current website deeply using the power of the most popular search engines.
Twitter + Deepl = No Language Gap
Webgains Publishers can now create their affiliate tracking links straight from the products page.
Automatic replacement of links to ePN DeepLink for AliExpress.
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