中文 Figma 插件,设计师人工翻译校验。
Import a web page to Figma layers
Figma の表示を日本語化する拡張です。
Open Figma links in the desktop client.
Turn Figma frames into a Google Slides presentation
Translate Figma design into developer-friendly React/Vue.js code!
Inspector is the tool which mimic display dimension between selected and hover element. It would be good for designers, QA
The Plugins Panel for Figma
Build design system for React/HTML/CSS/JavaScript faster then storybook figma or sketch
Open Figma files in Desktop Application. Download: figma.com/downloads
Copy page elements to figma
A Figma plugin to duplicate a table of selected layers
Dark UI extension for Figma Webapp
Compare your Figma designs with real websites.
Search through Figma objects even in “View only” mode
🤘Best dark theme extension for Figma WebApp🤘
Design for VR without the pain of compiling and running code or VR programs. View your Figma designs in VR.
Browser extension that adds real-time Figma designs within GitHub
Close Figma tab if you have "Open in Desktop App" active
Easier comparing Figma design with its implementation for designers and developers.
Linksistent provides a consolidated access point for up-to-date Figma designs or prototypes links.
Overlay designs from Figma in Chrome to build great websites faster
Gives presenter view for Figma prototype and cast them to connected screens in One-click.
Disables the interface on Figma's prototypes so users don't get confused when user testing.
Extract CSS of Figma text nodes with mixed styles
Learn a Figma shortcut everyday, and become a Figma Master.
Recycles tabs left behind by tools like Zoom and Figma when they open their native app.
Connect to Figma API and preview a color palette as CSS Variables or JSON Tokens
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