谷歌App插件大小: 11.57MiB版本: v 2.3.0更新时间: 2020-09-04
大小:11.57MiB版本:v 2.3.0更新时间:2020-09-04

A window to your Android

Vysor-电脑控制安卓手机插件 的使用方法详解,最全面的教程

Vysor-电脑控制安卓手机插件 描述:





版本:v 2.3.0

Vysor-电脑控制安卓手机插件 插件简介:

这是来自Chrome商店的 Vysor-电脑控制安卓手机插件 浏览器插件,您可以在当前页面下载它的最新版本安装文件,并安装在Chrome、Edge等浏览器上。





(2) 从设置->更多工具->扩展程序 打开扩展程序页面,或者地址栏输入 Chrome://extensions/ 按下回车打开扩展程序页面

(3) 打开扩展程序页面的“开发者模式”

(4) 将crx文件拖拽到扩展程序页面,



Vysor lets you view and control your Android on your computer. Easy peasy. Changelog: 2.1.6 Log spam fix Admob compliance fix 2.1.2 Audio output refactor 2.0.9 Audio fixes 2.0.1 Fix accessibility service enabling on phones older than Android O Fix bug where accessibility services were being disabled Add setup instructions for Xiaomi 2.0.0 Support for audio streaming Lots of bug fixes 1.9.8 Crash fix on Android P 1.9.6 Update adb binaries Fix screenshot failure bug in Android P 1.9.5 Update some internal links to support and manual Watch for graphics error 1.9.2 Add license retrieval button to main screen 1.9.1 Fix resize noise bug 1.9.0 Connect automatically defaults to prompt Restore missing screen autodim option 1.8.9 Fix bug report generation 1.8.8 Ad crash fix Fix double video decoder initialization bug Improve startup time 1.8.7 Add high quality defaults 1.8.6 More bitrate options 1.8.5 Improve latency by dropping dropping frames when canvas can't paint fast enough 1.8.4 Update adb binaries Fix crash bug related to key events in Android app 1.8.3 Custom colors on title and nav bar Remove alipay option (was no longer supported) Clean up purchase text on main page Update adb 1.8.1 Don't use appspot urls Uninstall Vysor prior to install 1.8.0 Add custom title bar 1.7.9 Android O fixes 1.7.8 Management URLs 1.7.7 Make Vysor work on Android O Update adb binaries Fix status window updates when installing and connecting 1.7.6 Vysor Server fixes 1.7.5 Vysor Server fixes on standalone apps 1.7.4 Fix Vysor Server UI issues 1.7.3 Update adb binary and built in adb to latest version Stripe and Paypal licenses now remain cached longer 1.7.2 Display Settings warning 1.7.1 Vysor Share fixes 1.7.0 Fix black screen issue in Chrome 56 1.6.9 Vysor wireless improvements License fixes for credit card purchases when the email has dots in them 1.6.8 Fix web video stream bugs 1.6.6 Fix bug report bug Fix license manager retrieve license bug 1.6.5 Fixes around USB authorization and wireless 1.6.4 More Vysor startup options Performance improvements when there's dozens of devices connected Automatic connection code has been improved, and will only start if the device is authorized More reconnect options on wifi disconnect 1.6.3 Fix bug where Vysor would spam registration update web requests when using Vysor Share 1.6.1 International Keyboard fixes Enter key behavior fixes 1.5.8 Fix bug where login option was showing even when logged in Further license quota fixes (offline/desktop scenarios) 1.5.7 Pressing enter now performs the default action (send text, etc) Tweak when license fallback check is used to reduce quota usage Android roundIcon for Pixel 1.5.6 Fix international keyboard setting not saving Fix connection status text not being updated in some cases 1.5.5 Fix broken arrow key bindings (may require a key binding reset) 1.5.4 Provide a toast that notifies the user than an Advertisement is coming, so it is not a surprise. 1.5.3 Fix potential bug where ads may show up too often due to disconnect and reconnect Custom mouse bindings 1.5.2 Add option to Dim Display while connected via Vysor 1.5.1 Vysor Share links now open in Inkwire on Android https://inkwire.io 1.4.9 Black screen fix on some devices 1.4.7 Custom key bindings and navigation bar 1.4.6 Update adb binaries for Windows 1.4.5 Resetting display settings on exit is now optional 1.4.4 New display settings to emulate any display size when connected with Vysor Link to new desktop apps Turn on ads for non-Pro users. Ads will be shown every 30 minutes on the Android device. 1.4.2 Record Screen available to Pro users Tab to change focused control 1.3.7 Device farm disconnect fixes Notify the user of the account being licensed on purchase Disable vysor ime on session ending 1.3.4 Better support link for Android Device not found Linux support via Electron 1.2.9 Workaround a bug in OPO3 firmware update that was causing Vysor to show a black screen 1.2.6 Fixes to make license checking work better in offline scenarios and behind firewalls 1.2.5 Use China friendly domains for Vysor's licensing, share, and enterprise servers 1.2.4 Fix license not found for new subscription methods 1.2.3 Add support for free trials Add new payment options for monthly and annual subscriptions (Alipay and Credit Card) 1.2.1 Trim Chrome app size Prevent view and share the device at the same time, as this does not work Label and show messages for unauthorized and offline devices Fix reset default settings not working on Vysor Free Fix APK installation bug Fix bug where screenshots wouldn't work if device was rotated Remove need for port forwarding for mirroring Improve vysor screenshots Tons of changes to support the standalone Vysor app (no Chrome necessary) Fix bug where license would not work after retrieve license Improve mirroring latency Add a web video streaming link in the device settings for recording and broadcasting Vysor Share Server now supports 3 authentication models: - Whitelist - Open Server - Vysor Enterprise (users licensed by your Chrome account will also have access) Retrieve License now shows feedback on failure Fix Windows crash Add Credit Card and Alipay lifetime purchase option New per device configuration options: - name - always on top - resolution - bitrate - hardware acceleration Share All Devices now persists between restarts/reloads Easier to submit bug reports with a built in log collector Fix Vysor Share All bugs Fix bugs in purchase screen Fix bug in license caching Add email permission to Chrome app manifest, as it is necessary for offline use Refactor license checking to handle auth token requests and errors better Allow renaming devices in the UI Add logging around license checking Fix bug where license checks would fail prematurely if the user has not retrieved an auth token Remove unnecessary audio capture permission Fallback check the license if the Chrome web store check fails Fix errors around startup license check License will remain cached longer for older purchases Add logging around adb server connection Fix bug in caching Paypal licenses Roll back change that seems to be causing license saving errors Potential workaround to fix licensing issues when Chrome store responds with an error Vysor Share fixes Fix size and centering issues in full screen mode Add button to allow connecting to Android devices by IP (adb connect) Fix crash on older Androids Fix resize bugs Fix issue where Vysor window would continually grow/shrink/wiggle Improve Vysor Share All performance Fix potential Vysor Pro license retrieval issues Use modal dialogs instead of notifications when appropriate Prompt when booting another user off a device on a Vysor Share Server Fix several Vysor Share bugs Fix Vysor Share All leaving dangling connections when disconnecting Fix bug in Vysor Server where it doesn't show who was is using a device Performance improvements for Vysor Share All Make the title menu overflow less easily Add a tutorial that explains the various Vysor buttons Fix bug where older Androids sometimes do not get detected properly Use a more efficient method of detecting when new Androids are connected. This should avoid a bug in the adb binary. Fix bugs in going wireless on slower devices. Show error when wireless mode fails Fix bug where Vysor Share All did not work with Androids connected via ethernet or wireless Fix various Wireless Mode bugs Add button to reconnect to a disconnected Wireless window Minor UI improvements Add enterprise licensing option https://billing.vysor.io/ Fix licensing bug Fix bug where Vysor Share All was available to non-Pro users Better encoding resolution for low end devices Fix "screen is unavailable" bug on a variety of devices Remove superfluous logging and errors from the console log Vysor Pro branding Add more intuitive Paypal license retrieval button to purchase window Fix bug where going into Wireless Mode would not work if Start Automatically was enabled. Fix bug where Vysor Wireless was not available for some devices Better auth token management Retrieve Paypal purchases automatically when starting the purchase process Fix bug for some users where increasing the quality was not doing anything Fix the go wireless button not showing up for Vysor ADB users You can now use Vysor wirelessly by clicking the Go Wireless button (wifi icon) Minor UI improvements Increase ADB server version to 36 Gracefully shutdown ADB sockets when appropriate to prevent adb binary from hanging Fix crash bug when clipboard service is unavailable Fix bug where Vysor will get stuck "Connecting" Handle touch events on touch screen monitors Fix fullscreen mode on WIndows Handle bug where Vysor ADB server would not properly handle failed sockets Fix the wording on the Paypal purchase. It is a one time lifetime pass, not an annual subscription. Fix bug with Paypal purchases Add support for pinning titlebar so it doesn't stick on the notification area Add support for purchasing a lifetime pass with PayPal Manage Vysor Keyboard disconnect and reconnect better Add a settings button on all Vysor windows Add option to enable/disable Vysor keyboard Fix whitelist saving/loading bugs Fix Enter no longer sending messages Show an ongoing notification when Vysor is hiding your keyboard Fix whitelist saving bug Vysor now includes a Android IME for use with the Chrome app. There will be no on screen keyboard when using Vysor. Support for international characters (UTF-8) Fix rendering bugs in the Vysor whitelist You can now purchase Vysor Pro with a buy once lifetime pass More Vysor Share fixes License caching is now more lenient for longer offline usage Fix broken share button Fix bug where input hangs when dragging, or the app idles UI redesign Vysor Share now lets you share all Android devices to a URL with the click of a button. Manage which Google have access to your Android devices via Vysor Share. If the decoder starts falling behind, purge all pending frames, and request a sync frame to catch up quicker Fix broken back softkey Improve image quality when switching between portrait and landscape Fix regression where image quality option did not work Fix regression where connections were not cleaned up when the Vysor window was closed FIx window close error spam Fix usage tracker with the new decoder Fix bug where Vysor will replay all frames that were not shown while the app was inactive, causing frame delay Show error message if trying to purchase while not logged into Chrome Show error message while purchasing from a country that does not support Chrome Web Store payments Force software decoding to fix possible decoder latency issues Implement license caching so subscribers can use the app offline. Requires login. Crash fixes related to purchasing Add Vysor subscription options to unlock more features Revamp h264 pipeline to be much more efficient Add image quality option, supporting bit rates between 500Kbps (free) and 2Mbit (Pro) Drag an drop files to open them Drag and drop APKs to install them Fullscreen mode Fix bugs that caused crashes in React.js apps Fix analytics Fix various Vysor Share bugs Vysor Share now allows you to share your Android to users that do not have Vysor (Chrome and Firefox) Fix Vysor on N Preview New loading screen Fix crash related to resizing window Extend trial duration Fix window size bug with reopening a Vysor window after the soft keys hidden Fix window resizing bug Add softkeys. You can toggle visibility by pressing the keyboard button on the top. New menu buttons: screenshot, volume up/down, rotate screen, power Fix rotation issues on pre-Kitkat devices Fix bug where Vysor ADB Server was potentially sending more data than is legally allowed by the protocol This fixed the forever-spinner issue when installing the Vysor APK Fix bugs in API level 16 and 17 Added support for FireTV and FireTV Stick Initial support for API level 16 (Jellybean) devices Improved network code Fix bug where Vysor would automatically connect on launch or reload Improve Vysor adb authentication More logging Show unauthorized devices in list (when using adb binary) Add a debug setting to not use the Fetch APIs Make the title bar fade out after 2 seconds. Will reappear on window refocus More effecient screen capturing surface Watch and warn for h264 high/main profiles being used. This happens with custom ROMs. Fix potential race on connect Do not autoconnect to emulators Prevent window resizing from going beyond screen bounds Force H264 baseline and profile level 4 Show warning if screenrecord is not supported Fix Vysor share Handle potential race on connect Do not autoconnect to emulators Prevent window resizing from going beyond screen bounds Force H264 baseline and profile level 4 Show warning if screenrecord is not supported Fix excessive reconnection occurring during rotation Add thin title bar showing the Vysor serial number in the mirror window Fix some issues with Vysor being blank or forever spinning Add more logging Add troubleshooting links Fix crash that happens if Vysor list is closed Better suggestions and info Fix Windows 10 Chrome issues by requiring the native Universal ADB Drivers for adb server startup Security fix: protect keyboard and screen access Add a backup TURN server Show notification and reload option if Android USB device failed to open Attempt to connect multiple times on window open in case vysor is slow Fix race hang condition on vysor connect Fix bug where tips were not showing on first launch Add mouse shortcut tips Better error logging and graceful handling Implement copy and paste Retain user preferences when a Vysor window is resized and later reopened or rotated Only show update notifications in response to user interaction Watch for media_server hang on Android, as this causes the dreaded "black screen" Notify on APK installation errors (older SDK, etc) Fix potential bug in USB stack Update check crash fix Analytics crash fix New Youtube link for USB Debugging tutorial Add update checking Add analytics to collect vendor id and product id of usb devices to ensure UniversalADBDriver stays up to date Notification for USB device connection failure Show a desktop notification if Chrome WebGL is disabled Show a desktop notification when USB Debugging authorization is needed on the phone Fix black or loading screens when attempting to connect to rooted devices. Vysor now unshares devices upon disconnect, whereas before it would unshare when Vysor was closed Note that ADB needs to be enabled. Package new APK that has better instructions and graphics. Fix bug where Vysor would not reconnect after disconnect Point to different Vysor share url so SSL is supported Fix bug with long running Vysor share connections Fix bug where app_process is left hanging on multiple Vysor opens Remove debug code that was always forcing use of the TURN server Teardown fixes Fix Vysor share issues associated with packet loss Fix race condition when opening a Vysor window


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