AI插件大小: 192MiB版本:更新时间: 2023-01-31

ChatGPT 的一键式提示!ChatGPT 的 AIPRM 为 ChatGPT 添加了一系列针对 SEO 、 SaaS 等的精选提示模板。今天试试。1-Click Prompts for ChatGPT! AIPRM for ChatGPT adds a list of curated prompt templates for SEO, SaaS and more to ChatGPT. Try today.

只需单击一下,您就可以访问精选的 ChatGPT 提示,这些提示是专门为 SEO 、 SaaS 、营销和更多 ChatGPT 的精选提示模板列表而设计的。


不要再浪费时间努力设计完美的提示 - 让 AIPRM ChatGPT Prompts for SEO 扩展为您完成工作!


社区模式 中的新版本具有更好的反馈选项、用户体验改进、更好的质量控制、新主题 / 活动和深度链接。


- 改进了提示,即使是“Outrank Article”现在也应该适用于所有语言!
- 提示类别
- 过滤和搜索提示
- 保存您的提示
- 与世界分享您的提示
- 编辑您的提示
- 删除您的提示
- 对其他人分享的提示进行投票
- 查找其他人分享的最受欢迎的提示
- 查看您分享的提示的姓名和链接。
- 使用提示报告问题
- 导出完整的聊天对话

NEW: you only need this 1 AIPRM extension in the future.

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to improve your website's search engine optimization? Your Marketing? Your Sales and Support?

Look no further than the
AIPRM Prompts for ChatGPT
browser extension!

With just one click, you can access a curated selection of ChatGPT prompts designed explicitly for a list of curated prompt templates for SEO, SaaS, Marketing, and more ChatGPT.

See what well-known SEO experts say:
and too many more to list.

These prompts will help you optimize your website and boost its ranking on search engines.

Don't waste any more time struggling to engineer the perfect prompts - let the AIPRM ChatGPT Prompts for SEO extension do the work for you!

Now, you can save your prompt templates for your use or share them with the community for all to benefit from. As a prompt template author, your name and a link will be very prominently displayed next to the prompt, giving you the opportunity for clicks and recognition.

New release in Community Mode with better Feedback options, UX improvements, better Quality Control, new Topics/Activities and Deep-Linking.

In this update, you will get the following:

- Improved prompts, even the "Outrank Article" should work in all languages now!
- Categories for Prompt
- Filtering & searching for Prompts
- Save your Prompts
- Share your Prompts with the world
- Edit Your Prompts
- Delete Your Prompts
- Vote on Prompts others shared
- Find the most popular Prompts others shared
- See your name and link for the Prompts you shared.
- Report back issues with Prompts
- Export full chat conversation

So yes, Popular Prompts should get a lot of clicks.

Prompt engineers, don't miss out on the opportunity to gain recognition and clicks as a prompt template author. Share your templates with the community now.

Watch this tutorial video to learn how to create your own prompts

Please note: it is AIPRM, not AIRPRM or AIRPM as some people type in.


顯示 OpenAI ChatGPT 對搜索引擎結果的響應並增加 ChatGPT 提示。 彈出窗口上的 Chat GPT。
将 AI 智能聊天对话的功能整合到您的搜索引擎中! 在任何网站上使用 AI 对话辅助工具。

AIChat lite

AIChat Lite 将 AI 聊天助手集成到任何网站上,并为您提供即时、有用的回应来解答任何问题。
你的 AI 聊天人工智能助手。能够回答任何复杂的问题。还可以帮你写邮件,阅读文章,智能搜索。在所有网站可用。
在任何网站上使用 ChatGPT(插件和 GPT-4)、 Bard 、 Bing 和 Claude,无需复制粘贴。
您的 AI 网络辅助帮手。在任何网站上使用 AI 智能对话、 Bard 、 Bing 和 Claude,无需复制粘贴。
与 AI 聊天机器人 进行语音对话。
无需 ChatGPT 账号,只要能上网,即可免注册登录使用 ChatGPT。Open-AI ChatGPT powered tool to give you the AI magic on all websites with just a Cmd/Ctrl+M prompt!
使用来自网络的相关结果增强您的 ChatGPT 提示。
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