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开发者工具插件大小: 861KiB版本: v 7更新时间: 2021-12-21
大小:861KiB版本:v 7更新时间:2021-12-21

A handy web page data collection tool

English | 中文 A handy web page data collection tool, With simple operations, you can find valuable data in a messy and sophisticated website. Such as news lists, product information, company directories, email addresses, and any other content of interest. The whole process can be completed in three steps: 1: Specify a start address (usually a URL address); 2: Determine the content you are interested in, and mark it down. If necessary, cooperate with some page operations, such as opening links, content entry, pressing buttons, etc.; finally let it run automatically; 3: Organize the collected data, and finally press the download button, wait for a while, and you are done. Features list: —You can search for valuable content in any page, you can also search in multiple pages, automatically switch between different pages, without manual; —A single content on the page can be obtained, or multiple similar or dissimilar content can be obtained at the same time; —You can automatically open the link on the page, click a button, or enter some content, just like a user operation; —Fixed content, data prepared in advance, and data already found can be automatically filled into an input component; —For repeated operations, it can be realized by jumping, and using jumps where necessary can realize multiple repeated operations; —In the process of repeated operations, if you encounter a situation where you need to use different data, you don’t need to worry, because the data used each time is used in order, until all the data has been used, you can also set one Jump times, stop jumping after reaching the set number of jumps; —When all the settings are completed, you can let it run automatically, during which you can go for a cup of coffee; —When the data is in hand, don't worry, you can also perform basic arrangement actions, such as adjusting the sequence and hierarchy; —When the data preparation is complete, you can download it, wait a moment to complete; The latest version: v7 Release date:2020-10-26 Change List: 1: Data can be captured directly during recording without running process 2: Adjust the order to make it look more in line with the actual situation. On the home page, considering the frequency of use, we have exchanged the positions of the first and second tabs. When recording, consider the acquisition of text and acquisition of links The sequence feature of the data, we exchanged the sequence of obtaining data text and data link 3: During the script recording, the program has done a lot of work to make it more intelligent and automated, but sometimes this kind of operation is redundant and even affects the operating experience. Therefore, we have increased the option function, which can be used if necessary. So smart 4: In terms of data layout, for users who want to obtain links, they may face a problem, that is, they want to use the original information link or want to see a complete link address. For this purpose, we provide a switchable function button 5: In order to make the operation easier and the goal clearer, if only to obtain data, then some unnecessary functions will disappear. 触手可及的互联网数据收集整理工具。通过简单的操作即可在杂乱无章和比较讲究的网站中找到有价值的数据。比如新闻列表、商品信息、公司名录、邮件地址等任何感兴趣的内容。 三步即可完成整个过程: 1: 指定一个开始地址(通常就是一个url地址); 2: 确定你感兴趣的内容,并标记下来,在必要的情况下,配合一些页面操作,比如打开链接、内容录入,按下按钮等动作;最后让其自动运行; 3: 对收集到的数据进行整理,最后按下下载按钮,稍等片刻,即可完成。 特征清单: —可以在任意一个页面内寻找有价值的内容,也可以在多个页面内寻找,在不同的页面之间进行自动切换,无需手动进行; —可以获取页面中单一的内容,也可以同时获取多个相似或不相似的内容; —可以自动打开页面中的链接、单击某个按钮, 或是录入一些内容,就像用户操作一样; —可以将固定内容、提前准备好的数据,以及已经找到的数据自动填充到某个输入组件内; —对于反复的操作,可以通过跳转来实现,在必要的地方使用跳转即可实现多次重复操作; —在重复操作的过程中,如果遇到需要使用不同数据的情况,可以不必担心,因为每次使用的数据都是按照先后次序有序使用,直到所有数据都被使用过,也可以设定一个跳转次数,在达到设定的跳转次数后终止跳转; —当所有设定完成之后,就可以让其自动运行,在此期间,你可以去喝杯咖啡; —当数据到手后,别着急,还可以进行基本的编排动作,比如调整先后顺序,层次结构; —当数据准备完成后,就可以下载,稍等片刻即可完成; 最新版 v7 发布日期:2020-10-26 变更列表: 1: 在录制时就可以直接抓取数据,无需运行过程 2: 调整先后顺序,让其看起来更符合实际情况,在首页,考虑到使用频率,我们交换了第一个和第二个选项卡的位置,在录制时,考虑到,获取文本与获取链接的先后顺序特征,我们交换了获取数据文本和数据链接的先后顺序 3: 在脚本录制时,程序做了许多工作,让其更加智能化,自动化,但有时候这种操作反而多余,甚至会影响操作体验,因此,我们增加了选项功能,可以在必要情况下不那么智能 4: 在数据编排方面,对于想获取链接的用户,可能面临一个问题,就是希望使用原始信息的链接或者希望看到一个完整的链接地址,我们为此提供了一个可以切换的功能按钮 5: 为了操作更加简单,目标更明确,如果仅仅为了获取数据,那么一些不必要的功能,都会消失不见


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