Split Screen made easy. Resize the CURRENT tab and tabs to the RIGHT into layouts on separate windows. w/ Multi Monitor Support.
Provides two search profiles for parents and children respectively to keep the family’s search activities separated and safe.
Split a screen into separate Tabs with ease. Resize opened tabs into layouts on separate windows with multiple displays support.
No separate window required! This is the legacy postman extension that can run in a Chrome tab. * Now runs in tab. * Does not…
You can easily split and separate tabs, split interface layout, and resize tabs by columns and rows. Multi-monitor support
Derive an arbitrary area of a page in a separate popup window
Integrates Bulk Image Downloader (a Windows only app that must be installed separately) with Chrome
Split your Chrome tabs into separate windows in a click
Audio Volume Controller for Chrome. Set sound level for each tab separately with audio sound booster
Working with multiple tabs at the same time can be so easy. Arrange your tabs into layouts on separate windows in a click.
Customize the view with Tab Mesh. Mesh all the current tabs and tabs on the right into layouts on separate windows.
Infinite boost any tab's volume separately
View untrusted websites in a separate Microsoft Edge browsing window to help protect your device from advanced threats.
Highlight multiple words separated by comma, space or arbitrary separator with persistent history
This extension permits you to download all files attached, in a mail, separately on Gmail™
Combines all Chrome tabs in separate windows into a single window
Downloading images naming in order, from multiple tabs into separate folders
Control sound volume of each open tab separately. Increase volume for up to 600% and enjoy best sound effect and enhanced capacity.
This extension highlights the specified word. You can specify any number of words separated by spaces. Press 'Ctrl+Shift+L', show…
Popout for Google Chrome™ is simple extension that allows Google Chrome™ tabs and web apps to be opened in a separate window.
Block a comma separated list of bloggers
PDF to json. Convert PDF to json. Text is grouped into virtual table and generates json with each text group as a separate value
This extension allows HKU students to show your current courses (in a semester) in a separate entry in HKU Moodle. By: Andrew Z
Solitaire legend game is played by arranging 52 playing cards separately in columns at the top of the screen.
Extension to watch HBOMax in Picture in Picture mode. Enables a separate floating window to enjoy your favorite video content.
Extension to watch Hulu in Picture in Picture mode. Enables a separate floating window to enjoy your favorite video content.
Download your Vimeo Video Course as a separate Wordpress Plugin.
Easily convert columns of data to comma separated lists of data (CSV) instantly
Listen to audio on focused tab only, muting all others. To keep the audio on the background: pin tab or open a separate window
Using the application, you can easily create detailed plans as a separate room.
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