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Show upcoming/missing episodes, your series and history from Sonarr
Exposes a context menu that enables direct searching for tv shows, movies or artists in Sonarr, Radarr and Lidarr.
Extensão que substitui Bolsonaro por apelidos dados pela internet.
This extension will alert you when a person you follow on LinkedIn has job seeking activities.
Add movies/series to Radarr/Sonarr from IMDB and TVDB
View and manage your movies and series in Radarr and Sonarr directly in the Plex app
データ統合ツールuSonar(ユーソナー)は、SFA(Sales Force Automation 営業支援システム)を格段に機能アップさせるツールです。
Sonar's Salesforce and Pardot explorer extension: Great for navigating your Salesforce and Pardot metadata with Sonar constantly by…
View and manage your shows in Sonarr directly in the Plex app
Sonar Lite is a performance monitoring tool designed for system administrators to troubleshoot real time network performance issues
Fingerprint generator for the sonar.js project
Troca 'Bolsonaro' por seu melhores apelidos no browser.

GTM Sonar

Debug your page template to see if it works with Google Tag Manager's auto-event listeners.
Muda o texto 'Bolsonaro' para coisas do tipo 'Bolosonaro' ou 'o dêmonio em pessoa'
Follow your projects on VSTS with SonarQube
Muda o nome do Véio da Havan para 'Vèio da Havan' e Bolsonaro para 'Biroliro'
Investigating the worst players in slow-loading advertisements on the web.
Changes every time the word Bolsonaro shows up to Bozo
Cansado de ler o nome do Bolsonaro? Só instalar essa extensão com vários apelidos
Sonar makes moving metal easier for car dealers. Use this Chrome extension to send texts and photos right from your CRM.
All-In-One Toolkit for NFT Trading
Chrome extension to override all images in a page by Bolsonaro.
Troque os nomes Jair Bolsonaro por Lula nas notícias e veja o gado mugir de indignação.
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