Speed up, slow down, advance and rewind HTML5 audio/video with shortcuts
Clipboard helper tool tracks clipboard history + keyboard shortcuts
Vspeed is a video speed controller. Speed up or slow down video playback. Use keyboard shortcuts.
The Hacker's Browser. Vimium provides keyboard shortcuts for navigation and control in the spirit of Vim.
Shortcut to Chrome plugins pages


Customize keyboard shortcuts to instantly open most visited websites.
Powerful color picker tool: color formats, shortcuts, history.
A link to the DIM website which provides a robust interface to manage items in Destiny.
Write emails faster! Increase your productivity with templates and keyboard shortcuts on Gmail, Outlook, or LinkedIn.
Hide all tabs instantly by pressing Alt-Z keyboard shortcut or by clicking a toolbar button
从 1000 多款 Google 应用中选出一些作为快捷方式按钮,在节省空间的小窗口里显示
Reload All tabs using keyboard shortcut (alt + shift + r), context menu, browser action button, or startup.
Launch Chrome's dinosaur game in a new tab, and play it even while online. Keyboard shortcut: Alt+Shift+D.
Custom keyboard shortcuts for your browser
Highlight text on websites with a simple right-click or keyboard shortcut. Saves highlights on your device.
Quickly clear all your browser cache with a single click.
Create custom keyboard shortcuts to expand and replace text as you type!
Add keyboard shortcuts to pause, play next and previous tracks in Spotify
Music Plus adds controls, notifications, Last.fm support, downloading, global keyboard shortcuts, and lyrics to Google Play Music.
Shortcut to Chrome extensions page
A shortcut to Chrome settings page
Press Alt+Shift+D to duplicate the current tab (Option+Shift+D on Mac). Shortcut is configurable.
Exposes keyboard shortcuts for FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) web app.
Quickly play or add a YouTube video (playlist), Twitch to PotPlayer using buttons on a page, also via context menu and middle-click
A shortcut to Chrome downloads
Quickly mute tabs with keyboard shortcuts
Customize keyboard shortcuts and hotkeys, Mouse gestures, Wheel gestures, Rocker gestures, Bookmark shortcuts, Joystick actions.
Add time-saving shortcuts and operational features that help you get more done within Amazon Seller Central.
Paste text from a toolbar button, context menu or keyboard shortcut
Toolbar shortcut to the Apps page
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