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Chrome Remote Desktop extension
Extension for reporting chrome metrics and events.
An extension for Regex Search in lieu of Chrome's CTRL+F
Даёт возможность читать файлы с расширением .fb2 в браузере Chrome.
The awesome Google Chrome reporting extension for LuLaRoe Consultants
Progress® Test Studio® Chrome Recorder Extension
Provides support to override API/HTML/* response using simple Find & Replace steps. No external app installation required
Record the user interactions, take screenshots and replay the actions. Also can mock XHR calls with a HAR file
Chrome refresh all tabs, reload tab, safe and free forever.
Telerik Test Studio Chrome Recorder Extension
Reading list of pages or articles to be read later
Thycotic Access Controller Extension for Chrome redefines security making it more... secure, fun and intuitive!
Automatically opens the official Chrome releases blog when Chrome autoupdates itself
Onion ID Extension for Chrome redefines security making it more... secure, fun and intuitive!
Telerik Test Studio Chrome Recorder Extension 2014.1
Make Chrome Remote Desktop show links rather than codes
Microsurf - Chrome reader
Laatste nieuwsberichten van Tweakers.net. Dit is een Beta versie van Tweakers.net Chrome Reader by Caspar Duijsens. Niet officieel
Chrome REPL
See in Chrome real time Google Analytic™ data for the web site you track with GA.
Shows Chrome releases for a commit on rietveld code review.
Listens to remote commands and modifies tab.
基于Mozilla's PDF.js库的通用便携式文档格式(PDF)查看器。
It records the tabs opening now and help you re-open them when Chrome restarted.
Chrome request proxy extension 1. Supports modifying Ajax/Fetch Request query 2. Supports modifying Ajax/Fetch Request body 3.…
Make Chrome recognize OpenNIC TLDs
Reports chromebook serial number to south range repair tracker. (South Range Use Only)
Chrome Reading-Helper Extension
Easy chrome reminders.
Redmine chrome extension
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