Adds a confirmation dialog to the Github and Gist Fork button.
一個 dm5 的閱讀器。Fork 自 zeroshine 的 ComicsScroller
Code tree for Gitlab
Adds an active forks section on a Github Page
osc 命名取自open source champion, 意为争取做开源冠军, github页面加速, git clone加速, github star fork follow watch ,JSON 美化等开发工具
Preview GitHub Flavored Markdown in Chrome - Forked from GitHub Flavored Markdown2
Adds little links to the Pitchfork website that allow you to immediately jump to a Spotify search.
Simplify web development by easily switching domains between specified URL groups. Forked version.
The extension for Etereum Dapps. Meta Mask fork.
Replaces the text 'clock' with 'bomb'. A Fork of Cloud To Butt.
This extension will show commits behind and ahead for every fork.
Adds a button to GitHub pages so with one click you can view the files of the repo hosted on the web by 5minfork.com
Show Active Forks for any GitHub project.
BoxRob is a puzzle platform game created by 7Spot Games. Your objective is to load cargo onto a truck with your flexible forklift.
Replaces all images on all pages to Memes. This is a fork of ngabe that uses images of memes instead of Gabe Newell.
Todo list with age counter to make the most out of your day! Remake of remake. My fork is at https://github.com/ksiadz/motivation
Feather, fork of SweezeBreeze tailored for usage with TBH.
Alerts you when there is a more active fork of the Github repo you are viewing
This extension displays the information(star, fork) from github project URL
A more private fork of PreMiD.
Helper to find active forks
This extension copies the current domain (without WWW) to your clipboard. Forked from Copy Host 1.0 by djadmin
Help you post youtube videos to Trailforks
ReJez is an extension forked from Nook, but plays Youtuber Jez's music instead
Forkdelta - Quickly Set Gas Price
One-Click Fork Sync
Create Spotify playlists from Spinitron, Bandcamp Daily and Chirp Radio, Pitchfork, more coming soon!.
Replace your new tab with the Twilight Forks Custom page, with games and Forks Washington wallpaper.

Fork Pay

Pay for bitcoin transactions with your favourite fork.
BoxRob 2 is a puzzle platform game where you load cargo onto a truck with your forklift that's more flexible and dynamic than ever!
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