New XKit

A fork of XKit, the extension framework for Tumblr.
An enhanced look at your browsing history. Search & filtering in a sleek interface. Fork of Better History.
Add lots of features to Strava website (forked from StravistiX plugin and enhanced with additional goodies and tweaks)
Removes Content-Disposition: attachment HTTP header to allow view files instead of downloading them. Extension icon acts as toggle.
PixelBlock 2 is a Gmail extension that blocks people from tracking when you open/read their emails. A fork of the original.
Team Liquid Stream Viewer (Fork)
Reddit and Team Liquid Stream Viewer (Fork)
Like android's scroll bars. 像android的滚动条。Forked from onlywsx's extension. 移植自onlywsx的原扩展
This fork of the 31 January 2014 version of 'Chromoji - Emoji for Google Chrome™' supports only textual emoji, now with color fonts.
Show notable forks of GitHub projects.
Shows the count of ① tabs in current window, ② tabs in all windows, ③ windows or ④ all tabs + windows. Fork of Asafh's Tab Counter.
Stravissimo - fork of StravistiX, an opensource web plugin which analyse deeper your activities and segments efforts !
Replaces all images on all pages to Gabe Newell. This is a fork of nCage that uses images of Gabe Newell instead of Nicolas Cage.
greybeard is a fork of SO-Dark-Monokai-v3 chrome developer tools theme. in addition of the monokai color scheme, all dev-tools ui…
Forkfile Download Manager
A fork of the Google Tasks chrome extension
osprey is a privacy respecting fork of the well known stylish
Extract, edit, and evaluate XPath queries with ease. this fork from https://github.com/google/xpaf
A simple Google Chrome extension that shows if a page being served up via a Varnish web accelerator is fresh or not.
makes trello a little more lovely - lower contrast, tighter layout, card backgrounds match label now open! fork our repo:…
Display the server IP, with a realtime summary of IPv4, IPv6, DNS, WHOIS and HTTPS info. Fork of IPvFoo. Uses Google DNS.
Fork of an unofficial Fallen London extension to quickly choose favourite branches
ForkedYTG enhances YouTube Gaming Livestream's with more emotes (Twitch, BTTV Emotes), new features, and more.
User interface enhancements for the online game Pardus. Combines multiple forks.
Synchronize online video playing between peers.
Preview GitHub Flavored Markdown in Chrome - Forked from GitHub Flavored Markdown and added support for text/x-markdown
explorer tree for dated GitLab(forked from octotree)
Discover & upvote similar git repos on GitHub. Search less, clone & fork more. Recommend a repository. Gist support coming soon.
This extension provide a simple integration for livereload on your browser. - This extension is a forked version of the official…
Replace new tab page with Motivation
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