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Add a date range shortcut to your Google search results.
Share shorter URLs for Google Search.
Remove the 'People also search for' element on google search
Show the Core Web Vitals data from the Chrome User Experience Report in the Google Search Results.
Make your Google page have the daily Bing wallpaper in Full HD
View Google search trends directly from live search results
Instantly displays local time information, performs easy Google Searches.
A dark theme for google searches
Sidebar for Google Search with Wiktionary, Wikipedia, Flickr and YouTube Results
Find cell phones & emails on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Github, Stack Overflow, Xing, Meet-up, Dribbble, Google Search & Gmail
Advance search operators for google search
Customize your Google search pages by adding sites thumbnails, video thumbnail, position counter and other cool options.
View Google Search Console at full width
Show a number before each Google search result so you can see where a site ranks.
Remove W3Schools results in google searches
Show 3D models search results from Yobi3D.com in Google search results page.
Search similar image by "Google search by Image".
ResultsExpander adds additional sponsored search results to all google searches.
This minimalistic extension disables "Scroll to Text Fragment" feature in Google search results
This extension gives you the ability to customize how your google search results look like.
Adblocks plus Google search results with adverts pre-warning system.
Provides dark theme (night mode) for Google Search pages.
Gathers trend data for your Google searches
Bookmark, tag or add notes to pages, highlight and save quotes or images, save selected Google searches, filter out search results.
Extends the new Google Search Console
Get Company Information when using Google Search & Maps
Highlight Your Website in Google Search and Keep an Eye on Competitors.
Automatically hide content farms on Google Search pages 😀
Adds infinite scroll, site icons, server locations, "View image" button, "Download image" button and more to Google search.
Link Xtractor lets you extract all the links from Google Search Results or from any HTML page
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