Watch YouTube videos on any site in a floating player
Set of different things and pipyakas that increase hang time on Leprosorium.
Easily pop out any video player into a PIP window.
provides chrome with a "Download With Fat Pipe" option
Picture in Picture for Twitch TV
Adds Picture in Picture functionality to YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Video, Twitch, and more!
Pop out video into a PIP Chrome Window. Works on all videos and websites. Watch video using Picture-in-Picture.
The Internet is big and scary – bring a pal along!
Overlay video where ever you're working. Pipcontrol.com
Extension to trigger PIP!
Play game Flappy Bird. Try to fly the bird as far as you can without hitting a pipe!
Light Up is a simple yet but highly addictive puzzle game. Connect matching colors with pipe to create a glow flow.
Flappy Crow game: tap the screen to fly and avoid the pipes. Enjoy it!
Pipl's Browser Plugin
Floating Video for Chrome. Watch video in PiP Mode.
This extension pipes your logs to Spectrum
Let us do the legwork. Easily add new candidates to your pipeline with Yello TRMx.
Simple and useful CRM software in the cloud.
Play video in Picture-In-Picture mode (aka. PIP)


Combine the piping system puzzle so water would flow through
A simple floating video player using Picture-In-Picture with direct integrations to YouTube, Twitch, Netflix, and more!
See key intel for eCommerce websites including revenue, traffic ranking, technology stack, social activity and Twitter engagement.…
Watch videos using floating video mode. PiP for all sites.
Allow you to create a Picture In Picture for any tabs using streaming as PIP video
Adds Picture-in-Picture (PIP) support for Disney+
Unblock Picture-in-Picture functionality.
During the presentation at Google Meet, multiple participant's screens are passed to Picture-in-Picture are automatically changed.
Force a video to play using Picture-in-Picture
Bring the power of PipelineDeals to your Google inbox.
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