Simple picture in picture functionality for online videos.
Enable picture in picture mode in your browser.
Enable picture-in-picture mode for online videos
Allows you to watch video while browsing the web with Picture-in-Picture mode
Find Verified email IDs of any LinkedIn Profile
The fastest way to schedule meetings and close deals. Instant Booker by Chili Piper makes it easy to book meetings


Bringing Web 3 to Everyone
Display a Google Meet video in a Picture-in-Picture window
Native Google Chrome extension for picture in picture mode. Supports Youtube, Twitch, Mixer, Facebook and many other platforms.
PIP screen for html5 video
Google Meet Multitasking, AI Emotion Tracking, Transcription, Notes, Recording, Live Stream, Speech Tracking, PiP Mode
Fly before you hit the pipes! This highly addictive arcade game has spawned a worldwide Flappy Bird craze.
A sales machine in Gmail
Spotify Web Player lyrics plugin, lyric display in PiP(album cover) window.
Лучшее расширение для заработка в Интернете
Create, send, track, and eSign proposals and quotes from within Pipedrive CRM to expedite your sales process and close deals fast.
Marketo Sales helps sales and marketing teams partner to drive more pipeline faster.
Pop out video into a PIP Chrome Window. Works on all videos and websites. Watch video using Picture-in-Picture.
Automated LinkedIn sourcing for Pipedrive
Genius Messenger CRM provides everything needed to optimize and organize a Sales Pipeline directly in Facebook Messenger.
Extension for Chatruletka (aka ome.tv): interlocutor's IP location, autoskip of the specified gender, blacklist, hotkeys, PiP, etc.
Import LinkedIn contacts to Pipedrive in a click
This extension easily allows you to put a video in Chrome's PiP mode
Electronic Signatures and Document Tracking for Pipedrive by GetAccept
Enable Picture in Picture for Hulu Videos
Pipechat is a Chrome Extension that adds a Pipedrive sidebar to WhatsApp Web. With Pipechat, you can quickly add the most…
Expand your YouTube video player without going fullscreen or clicking any buttons. Launch Picture-in-Picture on all video sites.
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