Improving Steam. Items auto-selling. Lowest prices for games and items. Prices from different sources. And a lot more
This extension allows you to initiate a Google search using any image on the web. By the Google Images team.
在通过 Cisco Webex Meetings 或 Cisco Webex Teams web 应用程序直接从浏览器加入会议时可共享内容。
Enhances the Steam Experience
在 Microsoft Teams 会议中共享你的计算机屏幕
Creates P2P exchanges between steam users
Dedicated API for fetching the float value, paint seed, and screenshots of CS:GO items on the Steam Market or Inventories


Adds SteamDB links and new features on the Steam store and community. View lowest game prices and stats.
Augments your Steam Experience
Get expert advice for your fantasy team from any website
J2TEAM Security helps protect against phishing attacks.
Clockwise optimizes your team's calendars to create more time in everyone's day.
Simple tool to export/import cookies. Share online accounts without revealing your password.
Extension to help with CS:GO trading, trade-lock countdown, in-browser inspect, doppler phases, prices, float values, etc
Refined Microsoft Teams是一款专门为谷歌浏览器用户设计的功能更加强大的Microsoft Teams屏幕共享插件。
Now everyone on the team can own quality. Capture findings, create issues, and collaborate with the team, directly from the browser.
Passbolt extension for the open source password manager for teams.
Your team’s collective knowledge and process documentation, everywhere you need it.
Auto-generate step-by-step guides, just by clicking record. Save your team 20+ hours/month vs. video and text tutorials.
Conectando Amigos, Equipes e Pessoas. / Connecting Friends, Teams and People.
Automatically check bans of people you recently played with, your friends, and group members.
Online password manager for teams to securely store, share and manage passwords and other sensitive data
Save content from across your apps and bring it together for your friends, your team, or just for yourself.
The official Golinks.io, go/links browser extension. Create team shortlinks "go links" with one click.
Does various things to assist with making Steam profile artwork.
All-in-one Sales, Service, Help Desk & Task Manager for Gmail teams. Visual boards right in Gmail to share, assign and track emails.
Visual Collaboration Platform for Marketing & Remote Teams
#1 Task/Project management & collaboration tool with Kanban, Gantt Chart & Time Tracker. Intuitive real-time teamwork in G Suite.
Show the Card label titles on trello.com for easier communication in a team
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