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Turns your browser into a slideshow of URLs. - Using just one tab for all URLs for minimal memory/resource footprint - You can…
keeps chrome from closing when the last tab is closed by creating a pinned tab when there is one tab left.
Listen to audio one tab at a time.
Reuses Chrome tab for existing Matecat, Smartcat, Lingotek or Crowdin job when called from ApSIC Xbench
Ensures that only one tab plays audio at the same time
Zoom one tab without affecting other tabs of the same domain!
Reload-Refresh Tab-(For One Tab)
Duplicate your current tab with a click or custom keystroke, complete with full navigation history.
This extension makes sure there will be only one tab open for the specified/configured domain URL.
TabRover - focus on one tab, control others
To pages in one tab
A new, unique session for every tab opened.
Rotate through each item in your TradingView watchlist of your choice in one tab per watchlist
Your all-in-one tab manager for chrome.
Manage all your chrome tabs using SuperTab. One tab for all
Reuses existing Chrome tabs for LexiQA jobs within MateCat
Keep your Google Chrome browsing in one tab!
Learn French, one tab at a time.
Search multiple search engines at once, online stores and other sites, see results in one tab. Compare results of search engines.
Use this with Analytic Call Tracking. This adds a Browser Phone tab in the corner of chrome that you can use to call numbers. It…
Monotab: Curb your procrastination. You need no more than one tab to get things done.
Learning Chinese one tab at a time
Restricts browsing to one tab only. New tabs are immediately closed. Content that would go into a new tab is lost forever.
Light weight addon that clones your current tab to a window, including navigation history.
Read everything on Wikipedia in just one tab. For the intellectually curious and chronic procrastinators
This extension prevents you from opening more than one tab with the same base URL
Copies session data from one tab to another
This extension will send data from one tab to another
All Your Favorite Social Accounts In One Tab!
This browser extension only lets you browse the internet, one tab at a time. No tab is left behind.
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