Get shareable link Coursera Peer-review
Coursera Downloader
Wisesub - Translation of text and subtitles in one click on Netflix, Prime video, YouTube, TED, Amediateka, Vimeo, Coursera!
Take Screenshots and Notes on YouTube videos, Google Meet, Udemy, Coursera & more!
Download coursera videos in HD
Coursera authentication helper
Shows staff-graded project grades on the calendar page
Chrome browser extension for Coursera web site.
Determine if your answers match the expected answers in a Coursera Jupyter notebook.
Your Coursera Helper
Control Coursera progress.
✅ 双语字幕 ✅ 重新布局课程界面 ✅ Translate coursera video subtitles ✅ Design layout UI
Cette extension vous permet de suivre les cours sur coursera avec un sous titre français et autre langue disponible
No more notes on paper - create annotations and add in-video bookmarks right from YouTube, Vimeo, Coursera and many more.
Allows you to set playback speed to any value (from 0.25x to 10x)
Coursera Translate allows you to automatically translate subtitles on Coursera to any language.
Unlocks printing of practice quizzes, real quizzes, and exams on Coursera.org
do useful is a smart solution for increasing your effectiveness while studying on Coursera, Futurelearn, EdX and online courses
修改Coursera视频内的字幕及其他改进。Change the subtitle font size of Coursera video. and other enhanced features.
This extension gives you ability to sum points that you gained from quizzes and assignments taken and calculate your rate.
This extension helps to organize your time on Coursera
Display Original and Translated subtitles at the same time. No Cover!
Re-size Coursera Subtitle without developer mode.
This extension adds Coursera deadlines to the google calendar.
Automatic translation subtitles for your Coursera courses.
Browse Coursera course offerings and information through a popup Chrome extension. No need to leave your current page!
This extension allows full text search of coursera on pages that end with /lecture
Smart resume for Coursera lecture videos.
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