Download FurAffinity galleries, favorites and scraps.
Streamline your relationships and workflows. Never drop the ball on anything important. Context where you need it.
FurAffinity Extender adds to the your browsing experience of FurAffinity.net by adding additional client-side features.
Full-size pop-up image previewer for submission view on Fur Affinity
Displays the number of FurAffinity messages the user has.
Implements a better uploader and notification system on FurAffinity.
Filters out unwanted artists/images while browsing on Furaffinity.net
Extensión de búsqueda rápida en www.filmaffinity.com, web especializada en cine.
Save Money when Shopping Online with Cash Back, Coupons, and Exclusive Credit Card Offers.
Chrome Extension for Jobaffinity: a Simple and comprehensive recruitment software by Intuittion Software
This extension can be used to force affinity to a particular WebSphere Application Server JVM
A notifier for FurAffinity messages.
Adds options to 'Favorite & Save' (add to favorites and download) images with a single-click while browsing FurAffinity.net
An extension to show your FA message count.
This extension shows filmaffitniy.es ratings on Nerflix
View movie ratings directly on HBO Max. Based on scores from: IMDB, Metacritic, Rotten Tomatoes, Filmaffinity, TMDB & more.
View movie ratings directly on Disney Plus. Based on scores from: IMDB, Metacritic, Rotten Tomatoes, Filmaffinity, TMDB & more.
Two alternatives, 1: Auto resizeing images so they fit window properly 2: click for 3 different image size
Adds '[View]' link next to the download link of FA submissions. Read text files that FA won't display without downloading them.
Add previews to thumbnails on Furaffinity
Removes the third-party banner ads on Furaffinity
FA Favs is an open-source extension for Chrome and Firefox that allows you to subscribe to the favorites of FurAffinity users. This…
This extension adds a UI to Furaffinity views that recommends art
Currently adds a remove page button to the submissions page on FA which removes all submissions listed on that page.
FurAffinity enhancements (click on a thumbnail for a large preview.)
Extension for generating Fur Affinity alerts
View movie ratings directly on Hulu. Based on scores from review websites: IMDB, Metacritic, Rotten Tomatoes, Filmaffinity & more.
Filters out keywords from the FA front page to hide reminder spam
FilmAffinity Rank Extension
An extension which improves the appearance of the FurAffinity website.
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