Purge HTML 5 IndexedDB and Cache.
Remove automatically cookies, local storages, IndexedDBs, service workers, cache storages, filesystems and webSQLs
Devtools panel for changing IndexedDB key values
Easaly Manage all client side storage (indexedDb, websql, localstorage, sessionStorage, filesystem & cookies)
This extension will clean AppCache, LocalStorage, IndexedDB, ServiceWorker and WebSQL.
时间四象限管理插件, 通过四个维度管理日常任务优先级. 数据默认存储在本地的 IndexedDB,如果需要同步功能登陆github数据会存储在远端服务器。
Shortcut to remove [cache, localStorage, indexedDB, cookie, sessionStorage] data of the page you are currently working on
Clear site data from current site url. Cookies, localstorage, indexeddb, etc.
☞︎ IndexedDB Headshot!
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