Easily and securely sign legally binding documents on Dokobit e-signing portal and login to various e-services of Dokobit partners
This extension displays the collection and block IDs on Squarespace pages to use in custom CSS
Prevent HTML canvas element from generating a unique identification key to protect user's privacy
Identifica rapidamente las páginas que puedes utilizar como intereses en tus segmentaciones.
This extension automatically detects and blocks Pop-Up ads identified by special patterns
ePacket shipping identification on AliExpress
Fetch Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASINs).
Identify any Webfont or font (commercial or free) from any website.
Identifies which Prince Edward Island township lot, from the original 1765 survey of the Island, you are standing in.
This extension provides you with a unique client ID
Extension qui propose des liens vers les ressources à partir des identifiants documentaires.
Extensia ajută la identificarea expresiilor legate de coronavirus și adaugă peste acestea un infobox cu surse oficiale de informare.
Quickly resolve digital object identifiers to their web destinations
Pick the Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) of any product on Amazon in the same way you pick a color in Photoshop!
A browser extension that identifies Amazon brands and exclusives while you shop online.
The simple and easy way to view personally identifiable information (PII) in Google Analytics.
Quick identification of Amazon products with shipping restrictions
Easily identify aliexpress products with ePacket Finder or SF eParcel
Refresh identified tabs of the current browser window automatically.
Learn with Knowsome- Turn unproductive moments during your day into learning events. Knowsome extension automatically identifies…
Extension for Asterisk/Freeswitch that automatically identifies phone numbers and allows you to make calls through the browser
Hide your back history and identifiable information from trackers
Yakaferci identifie les éléments SEO bloquants et trouve les solutions pour un référencement naturel efficace et durable
Easy and fast site engine identification.
Do some learning Knowsome identifies learning opportunities and turns them into a fun Learning experience! We are curious souls,…
Lookup any VIN with a free preview. Enter your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) to find out.
Identifier les ressources utiles aux acteurs publics dans les résultats des moteurs de recherche Google, Qwant et Bing.
Identifica a los funcionarios que votaron a favor con un ? y a los que no con un ?
This extension identifies fake & unreliable news and helps to identify media bias.
Generate Universal Unique Identifier(s)
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