Display web pages using IE within Chrome. Use Java, Silverlight, ActiveX, Sharepoint, and more.
Kami is an interactive learning platform empowering students and enhancing the way teachers teach, feedback, and assess.
Increase and amplify your max volume! OVER 10 MILLION TOTAL INSTALLS! Join over 700,000 happy WEEKLY ACTIVE users! Boost your…
The world's most interactive and user-friendly weather map from Weather Underground has gone full screen.
Interactive star map of the night sky
3D Atlas of Human Anatomy & health Conditions - Comprehensive, 3D & Interactive!
Sends your inactive tabs to sleep
The freshest links about design and interactive, from around the web. A designer's must!
Save all images in active tab as .zip file. Easily save photos from Instagram, Google Images, etc.
Replaces Y/N & other variables in Reader Insert/second person fics with words of your choice.
Virtual Browser for Chrome!(works on Mac/ChromeBook/Linux; Runs Internet Explorer (IE6 - IE11) / Java / Silverlight / ActiveX)
The best HTML5 app for creating crisp mockups, wireframes & interactive prototypes.
Empower each session with the the worlds best sports imagery!
Friend Remover deletes inactive FB friends in your Facebook friends list. Fast & easy unfriend a few or remove all in one click.
View fullscreen Slides while staying in edit mode
Summarizes research papers, creates interactive flashcards, highlights key points, links to open-access versions of each citation
Detects active WordPress theme being used on current WordPress website.
Help finding a reason a site is down and a way to find active websites
This extension reloads all tabs in the active window.
Pretend that all browser windows are active by spoofing the visibility state event and more!
Helping when a website is showing inactive
This extension will allow you to backup the content from your OnlyFans active subscriptions
Easily import web articles into your Actively Learn workspace or class research
List friends interaction leaderboard, detect "Ninja" in friend list and remove low interactive friend.
The Loop11 extension lets you participate in usability tests & is only active whilst completing a test for which you’ve opted in.
This extension provides a BibTeX reference for the active URL
Manage your friends list, track engagement and locate inactive profiles to unfriend on your Facebook™ page
To assist in figuring out why a website is down and help with finding active websites
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