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Provides more capabilities for Hoppscotch
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The only browser history you will ever want to keep.
Toolbar cotizador de PideloRapido.com
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Veja a cotação do Libra através do LibraHoje.com
Veja a cotação do Litecoin através do LitecoinHoje.com
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Veja a cotação do Ethereum através do DolarHoje.com/ethereum
Simples extensão para facilitar o rastreamento de pacotes nos Correios.
The simple Trump boycott extension that makes it easy to be a conscious consumer and keep your money out of Trump’s tiny hands.
Расширение позволяет сохранять посты с ВК, а также создавать налету с других сайтов.
EcoTime - сервис отложенной публикации постов
Replace your new tab with the Travis Scott Astroworld Custom page, with bookmarks,apps, games and Travis Scott Astroworld wallpaper.
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Cotizar productos de Amazon a TuShop
Usa esta extension para cotizar cualquier producto de las tiendas incluidas en nuestro listado
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#GrabYourWallet when shopping online. Install our official plugin to get a helpful alert when you visit a site on the boycott list.
Replace your new tab with the Travis Scott Custom page, with bookmarks,apps, games and Travis Scott wallpaper.
Redirects GamerGate boycott websites to the archive.is versions.
This extension will get your crusaders data for you to import it at https://imaginarydevelopment.github.io/CotLICheatSheet/


Verifica si el producto que estás cotizando está más barato en otras tiendas
Thycotic Access Controller Extension for Chrome redefines security making it more... secure, fun and intuitive!
No videos? No problem! (Removes the video ads from CotLI, while still giving you the buff.)
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