Create and edit specs directly from any vendor webpage.
This extension makes CS Specs at UCLA beautiful because doing the project itself is stressful enough, reading the spec shouldn't be.
Record user interactions for use in Capybara request specs.
Clip product specs and images directly to your favorites board and projects in DesignerLogic.
Removes spoilery thumbnails and descriptions on streaming sites
Improve the readability of web documentation
Find & download 3GPP specs, TDocs & contribution templates with minimum efforts. Just put in the number & sidekick will find it.
AI Powered Search For Specs
Show the internals of a webpage
Get the latest tech news, specs, reviews and comparisons
Global trading spec search & tracking from FixSpec. FIX, Binary, ITCH or Proprietary. Trading & market data - we've got them covered
The Luuma clipper lets you capture images, specs and files directly into Luuma with just ONE click
This extension helps identify buggy specs in recent Jenkins build failures
See your function specs (using clojure.spec) at browser (currently only github). More info at…
Here we provide Top Best Jumping Stilts shoes reviews 2020 with specs.
Fetches News related to a location on Google Maps
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