Auto-refresh and auto-reload pages after any number of seconds.
Refresh tabs periodically with intelligent timers.
Reload pages periodically
Refresh tabs periodically with intelligent timers.
Simplest way to automatically reload and refresh webpages with custom time interval in just one-click
An easy-to-use tab reloader with custom reloading time for individual tabs and more!
Provides Chrome browser integration for the official LiveReload apps (Mac & Windows) and third-parties like guard-livereload and…
Finally a page refresh that works. Reload any page with just a few clicks. Page refresh works on any website.
Converts and previews markdown files (.md, .markdown) to HTML(include TOC) right inside Chrome and support live reload
Stops Chrome from suspending tabs, and reloading them when you switch to them.
Reload pages periodically
Makes your existing server live. This is a browser extension that helps you to live reload feature for dynamic pages
Reload All tabs using keyboard shortcut (alt + shift + r), context menu, browser action button, or startup.
Live preview of CSS/Less/Sass code changes. Auto-save file, autocomplete, Less/Sass to CSS, beautify, CSS reloader, lint, ...
This extension reloads all tabs in the active window.
Awesome Reload All Tabs Button是一款支持用户可重新加载当前Chrome窗口(或所有Chrome窗口)中的所有标签的插件,它专门为谷歌浏览器设计,是一个很棒的按钮!
Automatically reload a page. Configure interval between page refreshes and see a count-down until the next refresh.
Disable autoplay and preloading of HTML5 video and audio players.
This extension reloads the current tab at a chosen interval.
Clear Cookie for current tab and reload
Quickly reload pages through your library's EZProxy.
The most realistic first-person hunting simulated game, It's time to RELOAD your rifles and shoot down grizzly bear.
Preloads any YouTube links and appends the title of the video to the link in the referring page.
Reload all unpacked extensions using the extension's toolbar button or by browsing to "http://reload.extensions"
CSS Reloader is a browser extension which allows developers to reload CSS without reloading the page itself.
Automatically reload tabs that have crashed (Aw Snap! He's Dead Jim etc.). Handy for Kiosk mode where access is limited.
Reload all tabs using keyboard shortcut or toolbar button.
AdBlock Pause temporarily disables your ad blocking extensions and reloads the current page with one-click.
The extension helps you automatically reload selected webpages
Layout Manager allows you to set up all for favorite windows just the way you like to reload later.
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