Get HD backgrounds of creepypasta with every new tab you open.
CheapyPeasy adds new shopping offers to Bing with a box with shopping results related to your searches when available
App Maker Appy Pie rated best FREE Mobile App Builder
Like creepypasta? Then get HD theme backgrounds of Jeff The Killer with every new tab you open.
HD backgrounds of Sally Face with every new tab you open.
Enables single-click copying of HTML form data from one web application to another with a set of custom field-to-field mappings.
The simplest tool for copying from PC to phone
chrome plugin for the django query profiler pypi package: https://pypi.org/project/django-query-profiler/
... because everything is relative.
HD backgrounds of the popular creepypasta character Ticci Toby with every new tab you open.
You can now write stressed vowels without copypasting them from other sources.
Copy the current Salesforce record's ID to the clipboard, or paste your way to the record's page from where you are!
HD backgrounds of the creepypasta character Eyeless Jack with every new tab you open.
Adds a "Copy PMID" button to NLM PubMed pages.
HD backgrounds of your favorite creepypasta character with every new tab you open.
Create quick Twitch chat shortcuts for your favorite emotes and copypastas.
Fixes copy/cut annoyances in GitHub
Right-click highlighted text to turn it into an EMOJi🚉lAdEn♂️cOpYpasTA💰sHiTpoSt!
One click copypasta! Memes have never been easier!
Install this theme and enjoy HD wallpapers of Creepypasta every time you open a new tab.
A extension to copy and paste bubble elements.
Guarde frases que você geralmente usa todos os dias e copie ou cole elas facilmente.
Allow for multi-copy and paste
A puppy a day keeps the doctor away
Compartilha imagens e textos do seu celular com o computador em 1 clique.
Copyies a selected text and make it downloadable as a md or TXT file
Make MS Planner a bit more colorful
Allows quickly copying/pasting all tabs to and from the clipboard.
Copy and paste your text snippets with one click
Application for saving and using your favorite pastes from twitch.
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