Clipboard helper tool tracks clipboard history + keyboard shortcuts
Vspeed is a video speed controller. Speed up or slow down video playback. Use keyboard shortcuts.
Smooth keyboard - virtual keyboard for secure typing, touch devices, Chromebook.
The world's leading emoji keyboard for Chrome. Now Unicode 13.1 compatible!
The Hacker's Browser. Vimium provides keyboard shortcuts for navigation and control in the spirit of Vim.
Fullscreen on-screen virtual keyboard for touch screen devices


Customize keyboard shortcuts to instantly open most visited websites.
Emoji Keyboard is a free extension that lets you input emojis on the web browser of your computer
Send & receive SMS on your computer through your Android phone. Take advantage of your full keyboard instead of typing on the phone.
On screen virtual keyboard for touch devices, chromebook, and secure typing on desktop devices.
Speed controller for HTML5 videos. Simply manage speed boost, slow down, advance and rewind using keyboard.
Scroll smoothly on all websites with your mouse and keyboard.
Write emails faster! Increase your productivity with templates and keyboard shortcuts on Gmail, Outlook, or LinkedIn.
Control speed of the youtube playback using keyboard. Press '+' to increase and '-' to decrease the playback speed.
Direct upload/download! Support DM! Mini video player! Keyboard navigation and more.
Click on icon, make up emoji and insert wherever you want
Hide all tabs instantly by pressing Alt-Z keyboard shortcut or by clicking a toolbar button
Play Xbox Cloud Gaming (Project xCloud) with a keyboard and mouse.
Reload All tabs using keyboard shortcut (alt + shift + r), context menu, browser action button, or startup.
Launch Chrome's dinosaur game in a new tab, and play it even while online. Keyboard shortcut: Alt+Shift+D.
Speed controller for HTML5 videos. Simply speed boost, slow down, advance and rewind using keyboard.
Custom keyboard shortcuts for your browser
Highlight text on websites with a simple right-click or keyboard shortcut. Saves highlights on your device.
Create custom keyboard shortcuts to expand and replace text as you type!
This extension makes Input Tools' keyboard larger. Nothing more, nothing less.
Add keyboard shortcuts to pause, play next and previous tracks in Spotify
Music Plus adds controls, notifications, Last.fm support, downloading, global keyboard shortcuts, and lyrics to Google Play Music.
A keyboard centric most recently used (MRU) ordered page list plugin with seek and switch functionality inspired by IntelliJ IDEA
Emoji keyboard pro lets you pick emojis just by 1-Click. Find emoji easily
Exposes keyboard shortcuts for FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) web app.
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