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AZInsight, the ultimate Amazon Product Research tool allowing Amazon Sellers to stay on top of the game by analyzing deals
Pinontop - Stay on top of Pinterest trends
Open websites in floating panels that can stay on top of other windows. Enable Panels in chrome://flags to use this extension.
Stay on top of your Canvas assignments and find new students to study with!
Stay on top of your work from any web page
Stay on top of your Slack team activity with this Karmabot New Tab dashboard. Sprinkle more karma more often to brighten up the day.
Stay on top of prices
Stay on top of project costs and profitability with ease.
Keep track of the episodes & stay on top of your favorite Anime. Fully automated & one tap refresh for new episode alerts
Use your New Tab page to stay on top of your goals and deadlines.
Get things done and stay on top of what's next with Horizon, the ultimate all-on-one productivity tab.
This (unofficial) extension brings the Quartz daily digest to your new tab page. Stay on top of the latest news by Quartz!
Stay on top of the status of github.com and its status messages.
Stay on top of your regular news beat with each tab
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