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Notable lets you take any screenshot, sketch or wireframe and exchange notes on specific details with your team. Made by ZURB.
Change how you look on Google Meet with adjustable exposure, vignette, emojis, and more!
Expansion for the most profitable exchange of gems for booster packs. This extension can: Shows the price and request. The ability…
Creates a more comfortable experience for those in the trans community by replacing a user's "deadname" with a name they identify as
Export query result from phpMyAdmin as markdown table
Allows you to extract raw data (JSON or CSV) from an Airtable shared view.
This extension takes a student's timetable from rishum-net.huji.ac.il and converts it to iCalendar format.
The extension downloads HTML tables in CSV format.
Converts the Durham uni timetable into a calender format
Export a timetable to iCalendar (.ics) format.
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