Python shell for your browser.
Automatically detect and extract python code from a webpage and open it directly in Python Editor v4
An extension for Google Chrome (and Chromium) which supports awesome Jupyter(IPython) Notebook themes.
Build add-ons for your favorite apps with Python.
A way to write and evaluate small Python scripts
Extension to Add Code-Now Button to Problem Pages. One Button for each - C, C++, Java and Python is added.
Automatically redirect to a specific Python 3 version's documentation
Next level code navigation for Python, Java, and Go on GitHub.
Record user actions on web pages into Selenium WebDriver scripts in Ruby, Python, JavaScript, Java, C# and Watir
Search Python documentation in the Omnibox.
nice chrome extension to export network to Python
Fire up a python console in the browser
Add a button in BitBucket to view an IPython/Jupyter notebook in nbviewer
run python online safely
Adds colab button on github ipython page
Turn C++ and Python includes in CMSSW into links on Github
Makes your Python development more efficient on LeetCode.
A python problem provider with a built in Idle you can use anywhere in the Web. Hassle Free and Easy to use
Show IPython notebook attachment in the HipChat web app
Includes HD images of snakes on every new tab. Images include vipers cobras rattlesnakes diamondbacks pythons anacondas + more!
Copy code from https://docs.python.org and remove redundant symbols to make it runable directly.
An extension that converts browser interaction to selenium code for Python and Java
Run python files from within GitHub file pages.
A tool for Python Developers which shows Python tips after opening browser tab each time
A small extension that adds a button to search the python documentation.
A Python Playground and Report Viewer Extension built on top of based on React and Pyodide.
Redirect the Python docs to a version of your choosing
A (Br|P)ython console within the Web Inspector.
A content recommendation engine for Real Python
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