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Add Pronouns to Twitch Chat
Use the plus and minus to change the font size in twitch chat.
Overlay the Twitch chat when in fullscreen mode.
access the ffz emotes and emoji menu in twitch chat again! works on all channel pages and the dashboard
Display Twitch chat messages on streaming player.
Show Twitch chat on top of the stream player. Read chat, send messages, claim points, and more, without leaving fullscreen mode
Twitch Chat on YouTube - that plugin add for you: • BTTV Emotes on YouTube Chat • TTV Emotes on YouTube Chat • Specially modified…
Change font size, message spacing, and make chat easier to read. Especially if you're streaming
Replays Twitch chat for the anime marathons.
Allows to highlight chat messages of selected users, change chat font size and more.
Hype Map overlays Twitch chat activity over Twitch VODs, allowing you to skip to the best spots of the VOD for enabled streams. It…
Allows you to add Twitch Chat to fullscreen view. Flexible settings for your convenience.
Pin the chat of specific users to watch Twitch more fun!
Provides several handy tweaks to improve your Twitch chat efficiency.
Click the extension to load Twitch chat onto YouTube live page, replacing YouTube chat.
This extension lets you follow any twitch chat from any other page! Just put in the channel name, click on Go and you're good to…
Enable twitch chat for Riot's new ProView
Enter the names of usernames you would like to hide messages from in Twitch.tv chats (split by whitespace and/or commas).
Adds a buttons below the Twitch chat to easily send emotes needed to control the game with a single click.
Reformats Twitch chat messages that include links to strawpoll.me.
This little chat helper will give you options to change Twitch chat for easier reading. Darkmode fix included.
Filter out useless messages from Twitch chats.
Create quick Twitch chat shortcuts for your favorite emotes and copypastas.
Reads Twitch chat using text-to-speech, so streamers can focus on gameplay!
TwitchTTS enable Text-To-Speech in any chat!
Tired of spammers during some huge event on Twitch.tv? Then check this out. You can block users and MESSAGES with just one click!
NOTE: must be reactivated each time and old twitch chat will fail to load until you refresh the page. PepeLaugh, my friends.
This little chat manager will let you save your favorite Twitch chat commands and messages. Always ready, just 2 clicks away.
selectively turn low-contrast Twitch chat names black
Display Twitch chat on select Youtube videos and get quick access to streamer social media information
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