Quick Translator是一款可以帮助用户简单地将句子或单词翻译成另一种语言, 右键单击所选文本来查看翻译的谷歌浏览器插件。
Quick and easy to use translation tool. Powered by Google Translate
My translator - In-context translator tool. Select and click - get translation
一站式翻译您的网页、标记的文字段落和 Netflix 影集字幕。快速翻译和学习多达 103 种语言。
Highlight, copy, edit, and translate text from any image on the web.
Copy, paste and translate text from any image, video or PDF.
Translate your selected text with Google Translate in one click. Translation in a simplest way.
Fast and convenient translator. Supports more than 100 languages, saves translation history...
Translate and learn languages while browsing and watching movies, it’s free.
Translate words & phrases from websites quickly. Add to your personal dictionary on Lingualeo.com and learn foreign languges easily!
Select word or whole phrase and right click to translate using Google translator
View translations easily as you browse the web.
Share large files up to 50GBs on Gmail/ Slack! More easy and efficient!
Hover, click or select to translate (with text-to-speech). Translator.
Convenient and fast translation of selected text on a web page.
Click on a word and get translation in a tooltip/overlay.
Translate words and phrases while browsing the web, using Google Translate.
使用文本轉語音功能翻譯 120 多種語言的網頁上的單詞、短語或文本。
Instantly translate sentences and look up words on website. Just by a mouse click or a keypress.
Read websites in the language you're learning, translate words you don't know, and we'll create flashcards to help you remember.
Translate selected or entered text
Debug and test tag management (Google Tag Manager, DTM, Tealium) and analytics implementations.
A highly customizable dark theme for Google products (search, images, translate, and contacts)
Translation of selected text or any words on a web page with use Google Translate.
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