It's a browser and editor for JSON document.You can get a beautiful view
Easily build validated json-ld structured data markup for any webpage. Based on schema.org specification
Allows to export Chrome history and bookmarks into JSON file, which can be converted to CSV/XLS/XLSX file at http://www.json-xls.com
Reveals structured metadata (Microdata, RDFa, JSON-LD, Turtle, etc.) embedded within HTML documents.
JSON LD Test and Viewer
*** View JSON response from a URL as HTML table ***
It's a browser and editor for JSON document.You can get a beautiful view
Toggle JSON and YAML in Browser
Terminal-like to send json-rpc requests and use tools for Odoo developers
This extension lets you know if there is Microdata or JSON-LD on a website an shows it to you.
Convenient way to view JSON-RPC requests
Analyse a JSON-like document in Chrome
View DWR requests / responses in JSON-like format! Support: - Both request and response parser - Copying the object as JSON -…
Riak JSON editor fixed (original https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/riak-json-editor/eeponikjeljlngckgbekknkoncmljfbf)
Chrome extension that view json better.
A fast, private JSON-to-CSV converter. Your data is never shared with our servers.
Network Response (JSON Body) Filter as Google Chrome Extension
Evaluate JSON-LD resources for Science on Schema.org guidelines.
JSON View Tree,JSON 格式转换查看
JSON View Tree,JSON 格式转换查看
Turn JSON Res or Req bodies, COBOL files (.CBL or .LK), or bare JSON objects into a Markdown table defining its schema
JSON formatter for Chrome
Send to Aria2 server's json-rpc api
JSON & CSV Utility
格式化 JSON 数据的便捷小工具
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