在任何网站上使用 AI Chat 、 Bard 、 Bing 和 Claude,无需复制粘贴。
您的 AI 网络辅助帮手。在任何网站上使用 AI 智能对话、 Bard 、 Bing 和 Claude,无需复制粘贴。
Bypass Adblock Detection on Websites that Bombard You With Ads
One-click automations for your repetitive tasks
Twoje narzędzie do zarabiania przez Internet i najbardziej skutecznego monetyzowania Twojej strony WWW lub bloga
One-click automations for your repetitive tasks
Copy Tab URLs to Clipboard
Tired of being bombarded with invasive ads online? You can get paid for most of the ads you see. We block the rest.
Twoje 357, bardziej.
Khabardar is a chrome extension that warns against unreliable news websites.
“Although no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new beginning.” Carl Bard…
A private search engine that does not track you or bombard you with targeted ads.
Removes political/hateful posts from your feed. This is a Hebrew version, forked from the original by Jeff Lombard.
Najbardziej byczkowe rozszerzenie do ttv. Pozwala ono w łatwy sposób dodawać gotowe teksty na czat twitcha :)
A program that allows you to unplug from all the information you're constantly being bombarded with and let your mind flow freely.
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