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把 林明樟 老師發明的獨孤九劍分析步驟,直接標記在 台灣公開資訊觀測站 的報表上。想要學習獨孤九劍分析步驟,請報名 超級數字力,網址 http://financemj.com/ ( Icon made by madebyoliver )
Best Content-Security-Policy tool to validate and check XSS, Clickjacking & Formjacking protection grade and to detect CSP bypasses.
Chrome client for MajorDoMo
Based off cookies.txt at https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/cookiestxt/njabckikapfpffapmjgojcnbfjonfjfg?hl=en
Copy to clipboard posted code from stackoverflow.com, github.com & npmjs.com. Clipboard usage history.
AMJP Discord Auth extension.
Dodatne mogućnosti za nastavnike Dodatak proširuje stranice e-Dnevnika s dodatnim informacijama. Izmjene su u prikazu na zaslonu.…
Adds a link to unpkg.com for packages on npmjs.org
Includes HD images of the NBA and basketball legend Michael Jordan on every new tab! For Chicago Bulls MJ and Nike fans!
Slušajte radio stanice s balkana na jednom mjestu, u vašem chrome pretraživaću. by Hadis Neslanovic
Automatically logs you into the MJBHA wifi.
Copy paste patient information into the Registry, speed up subscription and order creation.
Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez新标签页扩展为您的Chrome浏览器带来了新外观。
Check health of Open Source components directly from forge websites (github, gitlab, npmjs...)
Look into the Matrix.
All emojis at hand
Adds ?_escaped_fragment_= to URL and refreshes page. For testing crawling JavaScript web applications. #PhantomJS
Store all your files easy just with one click. Reliable Cloud Storage based on GitHub Services. Open Sourse
Push jobs next to you.
A Chrome extension that adds a dialog with github stats to the package's npmjs page
The extension replaces ''npm i'' with ''yarn add'', on the npmjs website
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Plugin that redirects NPMJS package detail page to Github.
https://www.npmjs.com/ の `npm i` テキストを `yarn add` へ変更
On npmjs.com, displays an icon if a library ships with Flow types, or types are available through flow-typed.
A simple extension that allows you to stream your desktop into meetings with comjoo MEET.
JMJ Extension to copy link from flaticon to use in custom app!
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