Commerce Inspector reveals secrets for any e-commerce you visit. Learn everything you need to beat the competition.
Heartbeat Chrome Extension by Freedom! Labs
Seamlessly create a Rocketrip Price to Beat while you book your business travel.
Calculate pp for a beatmap directly in your browser.
The best word game for all ages. Beat the computer at easier levels first and then get a go at the toughest level! During the game…
Beat your own high-score by spinning faster and faster! Choose between keyboard (left and right keys) or mouse, and start spinning!
Get the Beats per minute from any stream source using this BPM detector. Your Chrome knows the tempo!
TheBeat.in Graphical EQualizer for Chrome
osu! koko download beatmaps automatically! (Now working in old site!)
Manage and synchronize your Philips Hue lights with the beat of your music or your screen.
Bypass any paywall
Listen to the magic beat, follow the rhythm and use your musical reflexes to guide the ball from tiles to tiles. Touch,
Allows more control over downloads, enabling support for downloading multiple beatmaps at once.
Preview an osu! beatmap in your browser.
Find the BPM of your music by clicking in time with the beat.
Ludo With Friends is a quality crafted logic online game where you try to beat your opponents
This extension will automatically download any beatmap from its page at osu.ppy.sh. For example; If you visit…
Calculate PP and beatmap stats for every game mode
Its time to beat the teams in the football physics league, you have the chance of a being a great team on the field.
Beatz SNS Program
Chartbeat traffic stats ticker. See live visitors count from your page. Always have control of your page traffic.
HD backgrounds and old images of The Beatles with every new tab you open. Instant access to band's official socials.
surcebeats.com - The place to go when you are looking for Hip Hop beats and instrumentals for your next project
Sky Fighter is an html5 endless shooter game, get as much score as possible and beat the enemy aircraft!
Auto engage with producers and artists from Beatstars on auto pilot and increase your followers & sales
Browse and download Free Beats. No-sign up or registration required.
Opens a new tab and plays random white-noise and binaural beats sounds to help you focus on your work or study.
Enjoy playing color match game from Frog Super Bubbles and beat the highest score.
An extension that allows you to download beatsaber maps to SideQuest
Strategically place your dominoes on the table and find out if you can beat them
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