Collapse opened tabs into one list. Restore, rename, organise tab sessions and save up memory
This extension lets you customise the title of any tab.
Click to save images. Auto Rename, Filter, and Save most pictures.
Renames the Tab Title
Rename email subjects for Gmail.
Rename CRM attachments
CRM Rename Extension
Download and rename original images on your Twitter timeline
A simple chrome tab renamer extension
Renamed from "EH Shopee Auto Follower & Auto Boost" to "EH Assistant Tool for Shopee" Add "EH Assistant Tool for Shopee" toolbar…
Remove single quotes from file name (related to issue with chrome 72)
Rename or modify tab/page titles based on user-specified URL patterns.
Easy access on ArXiv! Rename the title to the paper's title. Add a button to navigate easily. Download PDF with meaningful filename.
This extension allows you to rename your tabs
Chrome Tab Renamer allows you to update the name of tabs in your browser.
Fantia Auto Renamer
Change the title of single or multiple tabs in an easy way. New title stays even after refresh
Automatically renames image downloads according to the type they are
Rename image files from the internet with a meaningful file name
Rename CRM attachments
Rename Files on OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox and Amazon S3
Rename any tab!
Customize the title of your chrome tabs
Renames downloaded .jfif files to .jpg on Twitter.
Does the mere sight of his name bring you frustration? Then change it to something else!
Preview, Rename, Reorder and Search for your tabs from a central location
Renames the files downloaded from Course Page of VIT Academics
Rename tab untill close!
This extension allow you to rename tab title. This is very useful extension especially in case you have multiple tabs opened with…
Remove redundant prefixes from files when you download a file
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